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#SatSpanks: “Listen to what I say and obey it”

Today I’ve got an excerpt from my recently released book Fetching Charlotte Rose, and it describes the beginning of Charlotte’s first-ever spanking. When she gives Max attitude about his order to stay away from a man he knows to be evil, he decides he’s had enough of her lip and takes her over his knee. He goes pretty easy on her in this spanking, but Charlotte isn’t used to being disciplined and feels very vulnerable over his lap. He makes it clear right away where he draws the line when it comes to sassing him.

“I find your cheek and smart mouth quite adorable, to be honest, but when it comes to health and safety, I don’t wish to hear your tart replies or arguments. I want you to listen to what I say and obey it.”

He lifted her other petticoat. Only her thin drawers protected her tender seat. He settled his hand on her bottom, and she felt the same current of arousal she’d experienced earlier in the day when his thigh touched her knee, only this time the feeling was much, much stronger.

He gave her seat a few light pats and rubs. “Ten swats, Charlotte.”

The rubs heightened her arousal, but it was quickly replaced by alarm when he inflicted a punishing swat on her right cheek. She gasped with surprise. Before she could exhale, he landed another on her left. The emptiness of the schoolhouse allowed the swats’ echoes to ring in her ears as the sting spread over her bottom.


If you’d like to read a couple other excerpts from this book, please click here and here, and if I’ve really piqued your interest, perhaps you’d like to read the entire first chapter.

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A Cure for All Ills by Bethany Leigh

Bethany Leigh joins my blog today to discuss her latest release. It’s a collection of short stories and is titled A Cure For All Ills. Whereas Bethany’s first book, Freedom, was an alt-history and her second, At Dead of Night, was a detective story, A Cure for All Ills is a collection of honest-to-goodness domestic… Continue reading A Cure for All Ills by Bethany Leigh

Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: Stay still for your punishment

Saturday Spankings

Hey there! I’m sharing a snippet from my book titled His Little Red Lily, which is now in the capable hands of Stormy Night Publications. This book is about a farm girl who aspires to be an entertainer in a saloon. The saloon owner is less than pleased when she shows up to request a job the day after he told her no.

Lily squirmed and tried to roll off his lap. “Ow, ow, ow!” she yelped at the three hard swats that followed her attempt to escape.

“That’s right. Ow. You stay still for your punishment, Lily, and you pay mind to how much this stings. You certainly didn’t pay mind to what I told you yesterday. Instead, you behaved like a stubborn little girl in need of a spanking. Isn’t that right?” Jesse brought his hand down on the lowest part of her bottom again and again.

“I’m not a little girl,” she squeaked, aware of the irony of her statement while being spanked like one over a man’s knee. Lily squeezed her eyes shut and tried to suffer the licks without crying, but her tears soon started to flow.

Like this excerpt? Read the entire first chapter here, or buy the book by clicking one of the following links:


His Little Red Lily

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The Beast’s Woman by Jordan St. John

Check it out! Today Jordan St. John joins my blog to discuss his new release from Stormy Night Publications: The Beast’s Woman. There’s a spicy excerpt coming, but before that, let’s find out a little about the book. About The Beast’s Woman A string of strange disappearances in modern day New Orleans has the police baffled.… Continue reading The Beast’s Woman by Jordan St. John

Guest Authors · Old West Romance

Rocky Mountain Rogue by Lee Savino

I’m so happy to have Lee Savino visiting my blog today to tell us about her new release Rocky Mountain Rogue. This is the latest in The Rocky Mountain Bride series that follows the lives of mail order brides and the strong frontier men who take them in hand. As a fellow lover of western… Continue reading Rocky Mountain Rogue by Lee Savino

Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: She felt the ribbon of her drawers loosen…

Time for Saturdays Spankings! I love the heart paddles in the new SatSpanks pic. So cute!

Anyway, today I’m sharing from my recently released book Fetching Charlotte Rose from Stormy Night Publications. This is my first book to be an Amazon #1 bestseller in historical erotica and erotic westerns. Hopefully it’s not my last!

The following excerpt begins in the middle of a punishment. Poor Charlotte.

She yelped at a particularly hard smack and suddenly felt angry. She hadn’t known it would hurt so much, or she never would have said she deserved it. “Stop, Max! I insist that you stop this right now.”

Max stopped abruptly, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Her relief was quickly replaced by dismay when she felt the ribbon of her drawers loosen and a breeze of cool air brush her bare bottom and thighs as he slid the material to her ankles. She froze as he bared her. The confusion over how she felt rendered her speechless. She had never been exposed in such a way to a man, and she felt both aroused and embarrassed. Tears welled up in her eyes as his hand cracked down with renewed vigor.

Buy Fetching Charlotte Rose:


Fetching Charlotte Rose
If you’d like to read more about this book, including the entire first chapter, please click here to go to that portion of my blog.
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