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#SatSpanks: Bend over the table and lift your skirts

Saturday Spankings

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. For today’s excerpt, I’m grabbing something from my book The Submissive Suffragette, which is a very naughty book–so naughty, in fact, that it has been spending time in Bethany’s Woodshed. It will be released in the next month or so. It’s the story of Carter and Nalin.

“I will always love you. Is that what you need to hear, young lady?”

“Y-yes. Thank you, Carter.” She hiccupped.

He scowled at her. “Say it. Say, ‘My husband will always love me’.”

Nalin did so in a quiet, trembling voice.

“Do you believe it? You will repeat it until you do, even if it takes all night.”

“Yes, sir. I-I believe it.”

“Good. You’re going to need to remember how much I love you during this punishment. Bend over the table and lift your skirts.”

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12 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Bend over the table and lift your skirts

  1. I really enjoyed this snippet…the assurance of his love, and his insistence on her accepting that, ready to underscore his point with a spanking. Nicely done. (P.S. I’m also enjoying your “Unbraiding of Anna Brown” at the moment!).


    1. Nope, it got there. The first time someone comments, I have to approve it before it shows up. From now on, you’ll be automatically approved. I’m glad you like the excerpt. I really liked yours too but couldn’t figure out how to comment. I just went back and saw that I can comment now though. Doh.


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