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#SatSpanks: She felt curious about how he would punish her #NewRelease

emmassurrender_new_2-1Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop, your weekly excursion into the world of corporal punishment. I can’t tell you how excited I am about today. I love writing westerns with spanking/domestic discipline. There’s just something about a take-charge cowboy that tickles my fancy, and I’m delighted to share my latest book, Emma’s Surrender, with you. This book has some edgier themes than my previous books, delving into dubious consent and capture. Still, it’s got plenty of love and an HEA that I hope you will find satisfying. Oh, and spanking!

About Emma’s Surrender

When twenty-year-old Emma Brookstone arrives in the town of Bannack, Montana, she seeks out the local marshal, intending to enlist his help in uncovering the truth regarding her father’s murder two years earlier. Upon meeting the marshal, however, she is shocked and dismayed to discover that he is none other than the man who gunned her father down that fateful night.

Though Clive Brookstone was an evil man who needed killing, the knowledge that he left a young woman orphaned tore at Nathan Haskin’s conscience from the moment he pulled the trigger, and he has secretly provided for Emma’s needs since that day. Certain that hearing about her father’s legacy of lawless violence would break her heart, he concealed it from her, but now that she has returned to Bannack her persistence eventually prompts him to tell her the full story.

To make matters more complicated, Nathan finds his desire to protect Emma quickly growing into a powerful need to tame and possess her, and when her foolish behavior puts her safety at risk he doesn’t hesitate to take her in hand and spank her soundly. His stern chastisement leaves her furious yet helplessly aroused, and it isn’t long before he claims her hard and thoroughly.

In her heart, Emma knows what Nathan tells her is true—that her father’s death was just—but writhing in ecstasy as she is utterly dominated by the man who killed him fills her with shame nonetheless, and she does her best to deny her lust for the handsome marshal. Will the day ever come when she can put aside the past and surrender herself fully to the man she once hated?

Publisher’s Note: Emma’s Surrender includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Mr. Harper wrapped an arm around her and fastened her to his chest. “Don’t try to get up again until I permit it. I’ll wake up if you try to move my arm, and then I’ll punish you again.”

She felt morbidly curious about how he would punish her. “Will you spank me like a child again?”

“Yes. That’s what you are.”

“I’m eighteen, Mr. Harper!” She shifted in his arms.

“That’s only a number. You’re naïve and as sheltered as a child when it comes to the injustice and madness taking place outside your comfortable home. Now settle yourself and go to sleep, Brookstone, or I’ll give you a licking you won’t forget. I mean it.” He uttered this threat while wrapping the lower part of the blanket under her feet.

She decided the most prudent thing to do was to remain in his embrace. Within minutes, she felt the steady rise and fall of his chest against her back. She remained awake, wondering how her captor could sleep peacefully, considering the weight of his sin. She also wondered why she felt so warm and relaxed in his arms, even though she absolutely didn’t want to feel that way.

I hope you liked that glimpse into the relationship between Emma and Nathan. Purchase the book on Amazon, or read more excerpts from Emma’s Surrender on my blog.


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#SatSpanks: A stern chastisement

Saturday SpankingsGood morning, merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. I’m delighted to share a snippet from my upcoming release, titled Emma’s Surrender, which will be released December 30. Enjoy!

“I feel I must warn you, this will be a very stern chastisement. If the stakes weren’t so high, I might go easier on you, but I want you to be reminded every time you sit down today of the best possible result of you disobeying me. Having a blistered seat is preferable to being dead. Yeah?”

She was becoming more terrified with every passing second. He continued to stroke her, his hand now firmly rubbing over where her bottom and thighs met, low and inches from her sex. His hand so was so large that when it lowered to her thighs, she felt the tips of his fingers curve around the edge of one leg as the ball of his hand massaged her other leg.

“You’re a good girl,” he said, and gave her a mild swat. It was loud, despite only imparting a slight sting, and she jumped with surprise. He swatted her other cheek with the same force. “But you’re also naïve and reckless, and you don’t know your place.” He spanked her again. “You’re a soft-hearted woman in a man’s harsh world, and you’re gonna end up dead if you don’t take my words seriously.”

emmassurrender_new_2If you liked that, you might enjoy other snippets from this same book here. You can also follow me on Amazon to receive an alert when this book comes out.

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#SatSpanks: A spanking isn’t out of the question

large_3825_submissivesuffragette_500x755Good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop. In my writing, I explore the feelings and thoughts behind the desire and need for spanking. The thing about domestic discipline and spanking is that the person subject to the discipline (usually the wife) doesn’t always know how to express what she needs, nor does she fully understand it herself in order to be able to communicate it effectively. In the scene below, I explore this conundrum. Carter has stopped disciplining Nalin because of her recent insistence that it’s not within a man’s right to discipline his wife, but how it makes her feel when he stops surprises them both. This scene is from my book The Submissive Suffragette, which takes place in the late-1800s when women’s rights were gaining ground. Hope you enjoy.

“I haven’t given you a child, Carter. I’m not a good wife. I haven’t fulfilled my most basic duty as a woman.”

Carter frowned at her. “Nalin, surely you don’t think you’re to blame for our misfortune in starting a family. I certainly don’t think you are.”

She looked past him out the window and spoke in a faraway voice, “I’ve failed at being a wife, and I’ve failed at being a suffragette. I’m a total failure.”

Carter’s temper flared. “Did you hear a word I just said?” he growled. “You haven’t failed at being a wife. Now failing as a suffragette, I wouldn’t know, but I doubt that too.”

Nalin gave her head a quick shake and focused her attention on him. “I heard what you said, Carter, but I don’t believe you. I have failed my duty as your wife. I know this because you said you’ve given up on me, and you won’t even spank me. You’ve always said it’s because you care that you punish me, so what am I to think when you don’t?”

Carter’s head was pounding. He rubbed his temples. “Well, Nalin, don’t think a spanking is out of the question, for one. The more of your nonsensical prattling I’m forced to endure, the more likely it becomes.”

Nalin’s eyes widened, and she looked at him with an expression that closely resembled hope. Carter’s consternation came to an end in that very moment, for she had unknowingly said more to him in that one look than in all her rantings about women’s rights. His wife had a strange new interest that didn’t make much sense to him, but he realized then that one thing was not new or complex, and that was the way she needed to feel his love. He suddenly understood what caused her tears that day.

Carter’s tone softened. “Come sit by me, Nalin love.”

This book is available for $2.99 at all the usual places, or you can read the first chapter on my blog.

The Submissive Suffragette (Lone Star Love Book 1)

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