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Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer by Sheri Lynn

Losing her balance, her knee slammed into the stage and her torso followed.

Planting her palms in front of her, she lifted her shoulders and breasts realizing she landed right smack in front of a customer. The lights played havoc with her vision.

Not that it surprised her to have a man ogling her breasts, but she felt the intensity in his stare. Raising her eyes, she glimpsed a furor in his eyes before he became enveloped in darkness again. Looking down she noticed her necklace she never took off rotated from behind her neck and under her hair. Her brother gave it to her and this man focused on it.

She figured it cost a fair amount, Australian Opals, a unique, lovely piece, but not something anyone might take note of the way this man fixated on it.  It meant more to her because it came from her brother.  He bought it years before he met his wife, April.  Back when he and his hot best friend, Jake took impromptu road trips.  This he picked up in Santa Fe.  Before she had time to react to her revelation, fingers clamped down over her upper arms.  He dragged her off the stage.  Kicking her legs, her feet, she searched for anything to halt this onslaught.  He had a tight grip on her which gave him the ability to keep her upper body from crashing with the table he vacated.  Her lower half didn’t fare as well.  Her left knee plopped on the table causing the table to rock and flip to its side.  This rotated her body smashing her to the floor on her right thigh.

It didn’t end there. Their eyes met for a second. Long enough for her to understand this wasn’t over. Bending toward her, his left arm encircled her waist hauling her up from the dirty concrete floor. Her feet dangled in front of him, her doe-tailed butt in the air. Even with the music blaring, it didn’t mute the crack of the first thwack against her bare flesh. She yelped unable to fathom he spanked her, a hard spanking, and in public. He got a few more strikes in before the bouncers arrived.

Finding herself on her hands and knees, she looked up in time to see him receive a punch in the jaw. “No!  Don’t hurt him!” she screamed as they forced him out of the building. By the time she found the ability to stand, she ran out to find him, but didn’t see him anywhere. Her knees shook and she found it difficult to breathe.

Leaning forward she rested her hands on her upper thighs. Jake. When was the last time she saw him before him tonight? When she was in high school and he came over to the house for Thanksgiving? Would he tell her brother that he saw her here?

She never expected anyone to find out. With Jose’s Jewels being an hour and half from her hometown, she thought she could keep it a secret.

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About Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer

No one was supposed to find out Rebecca is stripping for extra Christmas cash, especially her older brother’s best friend she crushed on hard for years.  When Jake discovers her secret, he takes matters into his own hands, literally.  She receives a trip over his knees and an offer she won’t refuse.

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Author Bio

I grew up an Army brat, so my childhood involved moving every three years. However, truly a southern gal, I currently reside in Alabama with my husband, two Chihuahuas, two Golden Retrievers, a mean cat, turtle, and a teenage daughter. I have two sons, who live on their own, and a stepson and stepdaughter.

Romance novels have always been my first reading choice. I’m a hopeless romantic, and that trait materializes in every aspect of my life. “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” has been a common phrase repeatedly heard throughout my life. Writing romance and happily ever afters comes naturally.

Whether a result of my childhood, or not, I love to travel. Warm weather and beautiful beaches are always my choice destination.

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