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Santa Dom by Joelle Casteel

The overhead fan kept the air circulating even if it was still a little hotter in this room than the rest of their house. Jason had kicked the blankets off him, making a pile on the floor.

Kneeling on the blankets, Michael snatched his shirt off before leaning forward to suck Jason’s big toe into his mouth. He began to rub the foot as he lavished oral attention to each perfect toe. He lifted his gaze to Jason’s relaxed face to watch for signs of waking.

With a grunt and a moan, Jason yanked his foot from Michael. He rolled from his side onto his back. His fingers moved over the tubes as if to loosen the neck piece.

Michael brushed his fingers over Jason’s lower stomach, his fingers just settling into the extra flesh collected there. Love you forever, Sir. His attention pulled to Jason’s hard cock. He reached behind him to rub Jason’s legs as he leaned in to kiss the head, his tongue moving around the corona of his Sir’s perfect pleasure.

“Yes, boy,” Jason mumbled.

His tongue and mouth sliding down the shaft, Michael worshiped. His eyes slid closed when Jason grasped his head in both hands and took over. He hummed in appreciation at being of use, at giving Jason this sensation. His hands fell to the bed to prop up his chest.

“That’s my boy,” Jason growled.

Michael relaxed into a weightless state. He cupped his tongue against the shaft since Jason was moving him too fast for anything else.

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed that excerpt from Joelle Casteel’s story “Santa Dom,” which is part of the Mischief Under the Mistletoe anthology. Get this wonderful collection of kinky holiday stories from multiple authors for only $0.99 for a limited time! Don’t delay. The price will go up to $6.99 in mid-December.

About Santa Dom

When Michael organizes a fabulous festive five-way with their friends, he wants to make his and Jason’s anniversary extra special. But will Jason like Michael’s plan?

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About Joelle Casteel

Joelle Casteel is a writer who lives and writes outside the mainstream. A lifestyle submissive, she lives with her Master, adult daughter, and a brat cat named Donut, who looks away when she uses ASL to sign “Bitch Cat.” With the exception of her Master, her world is peopled by those who experience their gender and sexual attractions differently than the mainstream. Disability means she often finishes novels slower than others so you need to check back on her website to see what she’s doing now; being Autistic, she does best with the written word to keep touch with others.

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