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#SatSpanks: A naughty girl needs her bottom smacked

Hello! Today I’m sharing something from my book titled His Little Red Lily. Enjoy!

Lily hid in the loft above him. When Jesse walked past, she dropped an armful of hay on him. She squealed with delighted laughter as the heap landed squarely over his head and shoulders. He came to a dead stop. Slowly, he brushed the hay off the sleeves of his starched white shirt. He said nothing as he removed his hat and slapped it against his knee to shake off the hay and dust from it.

She was still giggling when he glared up at her and said, “You’re getting spanked for that.”

She stopped laughing and her eyes rounded. “But it was only a joke.”

“Mm hmm. A naughty joke, by a naughty little girl who needs her bottom smacked. Get down here.”

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His Little Red Lily

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Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: Stay still for your punishment

Saturday Spankings

Hey there! I’m sharing a snippet from my book titled His Little Red Lily, which is now in the capable hands of Stormy Night Publications. This book is about a farm girl who aspires to be an entertainer in a saloon. The saloon owner is less than pleased when she shows up to request a job the day after he told her no.

Lily squirmed and tried to roll off his lap. “Ow, ow, ow!” she yelped at the three hard swats that followed her attempt to escape.

“That’s right. Ow. You stay still for your punishment, Lily, and you pay mind to how much this stings. You certainly didn’t pay mind to what I told you yesterday. Instead, you behaved like a stubborn little girl in need of a spanking. Isn’t that right?” Jesse brought his hand down on the lowest part of her bottom again and again.

“I’m not a little girl,” she squeaked, aware of the irony of her statement while being spanked like one over a man’s knee. Lily squeezed her eyes shut and tried to suffer the licks without crying, but her tears soon started to flow.

Like this excerpt? Read the entire first chapter here, or buy the book by clicking one of the following links:


His Little Red Lily

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Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks “Yes, sir. I’m hungry.”

Howdy, y’all. Today I’m sharing a short snippet from my WIP, which is about a saloon owner and farm girl who find love.

“A spanking and then dinner, that’s what you’ll be getting. Are you hungry?” He smacked her thighs in a steady rhythm, more gently than he had her bottom.

She didn’t know exactly what she was at the moment. Hungry seemed as good a description as any. “Yes, sir. I’m hungry,” she said breathily.

He groaned and ran his hand down the length of one of her legs, then slowly back up.

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