Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Marlie’s Christmas Keeper by Brandy Golden

His eyes twinkled with sudden mischief. “I suppose you can always whisper in your elf’s ear to have Santa bring me another place to rent that’s out of your hair,” he teased. Marlie hated her gut clenching reaction to his smile. She didn’t want to be affected, didn’t want to like the man, didn’t want… Continue reading Marlie’s Christmas Keeper by Brandy Golden

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Santa Dom by Joelle Casteel

The overhead fan kept the air circulating even if it was still a little hotter in this room than the rest of their house. Jason had kicked the blankets off him, making a pile on the floor. Kneeling on the blankets, Michael snatched his shirt off before leaning forward to suck Jason’s big toe into… Continue reading Santa Dom by Joelle Casteel

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer by Sheri Lynn

Losing her balance, her knee slammed into the stage and her torso followed. Planting her palms in front of her, she lifted her shoulders and breasts realizing she landed right smack in front of a customer. The lights played havoc with her vision. Not that it surprised her to have a man ogling her breasts, but… Continue reading Rebecca the Red-Bottomed Reindeer by Sheri Lynn

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

A Naughty New Year by Kathryn R. Blake

Kelly stood at the kitchen counter staring at the champagne bottle with indecision. What she’d contrived as a harmless indulgence a few minutes ago seemed like a much more severe offense now. Especially since Jim had added trust into the mix. Though he hadn’t come out and said it directly, he implied if she poured… Continue reading A Naughty New Year by Kathryn R. Blake

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Her Christmas Daddy by Molly Alvarado

His knee tucked between her thighs rubbed slightly at her crotch and Jenny reflexively thrust against it, blindly following the sensations racing through her. She fisted her hand in his hair, licking at his lips before foraying back into his mouth. Her muted cry of pleasure was matched by the deep rumblings in his chest.… Continue reading Her Christmas Daddy by Molly Alvarado

Guest Authors

The Doll-Maker by Maren Smith

I like Christmas music. “I like it too,” Calder said, alternately smoothing and shaving and smoothing again as he carved delicate collarbones beneath her slender neck and rounded her shoulders. He gave her breasts definition, something he hadn’t bothered to do on any of his previous dolls. Because they were dolls, and in his mind… Continue reading The Doll-Maker by Maren Smith

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

His Christmas Baby by Katie Douglas

“C’mon, little bunny, let’s go home and have some Christmas dinner.” “Can’t we play out a little longer? Please?” Chloe begged. “All right. But no more hide and seek.” “That’s fine. TAG! You’re it!” She tapped his arm, shrieked with laughter, and tried to run away, but Bradley caught up with her easily. “Tag,” he… Continue reading His Christmas Baby by Katie Douglas