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A scared young woman accused of theft stands in front of Marshal Jake Huntley’s desk at the jailhouse. The lawman generally has no tolerance for criminals, but when she focuses her doleful blue eyes on him in a way that makes his heart race, he wants nothing more than to protect her.

Elizabeth Matthews is in desperate need of help, but she refuses to tell the truth when the marshal demands it. It’s his job to protect people, but it’s also his job to punish criminals, so how can she?

Though the lawman doesn’t plan to use the law against her, he’s not opposed to delivering justice in the form of a hard, bare-bottomed spanking over his knee. After her bottom is thrashed to a deep shade of crimson, her secrets spill out. Will the marshal be able to save her from enemies on both sides of the law?

Publisher’s Note: This standalone story has been expanded and revised from its original publication under the title Missy Meets the Marshal. It contains adult spanking and sexual scenes. If that doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t buy this book.


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