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Can a bossy lawman convince a contrary young woman to obey him?

Nineteen-year-old Mary Appleton manages a successful restaurant in the small town of Thorndale. Though passionate about cooking, she’s naïve about the dangers of the world and innocent when it comes to love and romance.

Benjamin Gray, the stern new deputy in town, knows the restaurant is vulnerable to robbers, and his protective instincts ignite when he notices that Mary doesn’t safeguard her money. When she refuses to lock up the cash in her register, Deputy Gray gives her only one other choice: Accept a hard spanking over his knee.

To Mary’s surprise, the punishment does nothing to quell her attraction to Ben. Rather, she finds herself smitten by her older lover who brings her as much pleasure as pain. But will she accept his advice when it matters most, or will her contrary behavior ruin them both?

Publisher’s Note: Mary Quite Contrary is a standalone story in the Lost and Found in Thorndale series. It contains sexual scenes and adult punishment spanking. If that doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t buy this book.


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