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When He Returns: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance


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Wade Hunter didn’t want a family. Between dodging his drunk father’s blows and watching his mother die, he knew at the age of eleven he’d be better off alone. He lived on the run for a couple years—hungry and cold often, but at least he was free. Then the local marshal caught him stealing and gave him only two choices: Spend time in jail or join his family.

Sadie Shaw, the marshal’s eldest daughter, had enough brothers and sisters, and she wanted another sibling as much as a dog wants fleas. She’s dismayed when her kindhearted pa once again brings home a lost child, and it doesn’t help that this one is surly and arrogant. Worse, he seems to think that because he’s older he’s under no obligation to mind her household rules.

Wade and Sadie battle wills often as they grow into adulthood, burgeoning both their dislike for each other and their grudging respect. When faced with a problem that requires their unity, will they be able to set aside their differences, or will the strife they face only tear them apart?

Publisher’s Note: When He Returns is a coming-of-age, enemies-to-lovers romance with a whole lot of heart, a bit of heat in the form of adult spanking and sex, and a well-earned happy ending

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