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Spanking the Heiress by Louise Taylor

Louise Taylor, author of full-length Victorian spanking romance novels, joins my blog today to answer some questions about her writing process and her popular Victorian Vices series, and specifically the book titled Spanking the Heiress. In addition, she provides a sneak peek into her upcoming releases. Louise’s books are always meticulously well-written and researched, making for an authentic, pleasurable… Continue reading Spanking the Heiress by Louise Taylor

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#SatSpanks: I’ll take a switch to you

top100_claimedbythemountainmanToday I’m back with Trapper Jack and naughty Nettie from Claimed by the Mountain Man. Jack is an uncompromising man who finds himself falling for Nettie, a woman running from her past and doing all she can to remain independent. The following excerpt is a good example of both his fierceness and compassion when it comes to the runaway woman. Enjoy!

“Are you going to lie to me again, Nettie?” He gave her another hard swat to punctuate his question.

“No, Trapper Jack.”

“Good.” He moved his hands to the place where her bottom and thighs met and gave her two sharp swats on each side. “I’m growing quite fond of you. So much so that if you do anything to put yourself in danger again, I’ll take a switch to you.”

She gasped at that piece of information. He gathered a fistful of her short hair in his hand, lifted her head, and pointed it in the direction of a tree. “See that tree over there, the one with yellow leaves?”


“I’ll make you go cut a switch from it and I’ll wear it out on your bare backside. That’ll leave welts and stripes. You want me to do that to you, woman?”


“Then you listen to what I say and think twice about lying in the future. Got it?”

Claimed by the Mountain Man

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Human Surrender by Sue Lyndon, Alta Hensley, Renee Rose, Kallista Dane, and Aubrey Cara

Some of my favorite authors are visiting my blog today, and they brought with them a steamy collection of dark sci-fi romance. Interested in sexy-scary aliens, subjugation, punishment, and HEAs? Get that one-click finger ready. The books included in this naughty collection are MF and MFM pairings. There are over 175,000 words of dark romance — complete books… Continue reading Human Surrender by Sue Lyndon, Alta Hensley, Renee Rose, Kallista Dane, and Aubrey Cara

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#SatSpanks: Will you promise not to spank me again?

Saturday Spankings

Today for Saturday Spankings, I’m sharing another snippet from my book tentatively titled Driven to Discipline, which has been accepted for publication and should be released in the next month or so. I love the relationship between these characters. Jude is a stagecoach driver with a soft spot for his unruly passenger, and that’s very clear in this excerpt. Hope you enjoy!

“Will you promise not to spank me again? I don’t like it.”

Jude raised an eyebrow. “You’re not supposed to like it, and I’ll make no such promise.” He stood and reached down to cup her chin, tilting her face upward so he could look into her eyes. “Be a good girl and I won’t have any cause to redden that cute caboose of yours again.”

Callie felt a thrill travel straight to her loins, despite also feeling annoyed that he wouldn’t promise to not spank her. She liked that he called her bottom cute, and she felt aroused by the embarrassing yet titillating words. “I’ll do my best,” she said. “Have you looked after other passengers before?” The thought that he provided any other woman with the same attention caused a burst of unexpected jealousy to bloom in her chest.

He chuckled and released her chin. “Not in the same way, but then I’ve never met another passenger quite like you before. You’re strong and grown up in some ways but fragile and unruly like a child in others. I get the hankerin’ to kiss you and spank you at the same time.”

shoesIf you get the hankering to read some domestic discipline in an old west setting, check out my other books. I provide the first chapter of each book free.

Claimed by the Mountain Man
His Little Red Lily
Fetching Charlotte Rose
The Submissive Suffragette
The Unbraiding of Anna Brown
Missy Meets the Marshal

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Claiming Skye by Katrina Kade

I’m pleased to welcome a new author, Katrina Kade, to my blog. Katrina just published her first BDSM/spanking book with Blushing Books, and it’s been getting a lot of attention. After reading the excerpt, you’ll understand why. It’s smoking hot! But before we get to that, here’s a little more about Claiming Skye. About Claiming Skye… Continue reading Claiming Skye by Katrina Kade

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#SatSpanks: I’ve warned you about lying

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop! I’ve got a little something from my latest book, which I just submitted to the publisher. This is a story set in the mid-1800s about a stagecoach driver and his troublesome passenger. She’s an unruly and disobedient young woman who ends up receiving his guidance in more than just the journey out west. Here’s a little snippet of their relationship. Enjoy!

“I hate you,” she said, and stomped her foot.

“No, you don’t,” he replied. He strode to the door. Before he walked outside, he half-turned and said casually, “I’m getting sore on you saying you hate me. Say it again, and I’ll turn you over my knee, bare your bottom, and give you a very hard spanking. I’ve warned you about lying.”

Callie flushed even more imagining Jude loosening her drawers and revealing her most intimate places to his eyes and touch. She couldn’t think of a smart retort, or even a dumb one, so she only stared at him. He seemed to know the effect his threat had on her because he gave her a knowing look and a devilish wink before he left the small room of the swing station.

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Claimed on the Frontier by Jane Henry

Jane Henry joins my blog today with an excerpt from her new release Claimed on the Frontier, a western spanking romance that has been soaring up the charts. I’ve read this book twice. It’s that good! If you love a fierce, dominant hero and a sweet but ornery heroine who receives well-deserved punishments, you’re not going to want to… Continue reading Claimed on the Frontier by Jane Henry