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Hi, everyone! I recently shared some news in my newsletter about what I’m working on, so I’d like to share it here too. First, the audiobook of Claimed by the Mountain Man is in production, and the fabulous Ken Solin will be bringing it to life. I’ve included the first chapter below so you can get an idea of what’s to come.

I’m also working on something brand spankin’ new for me, a modern-day Daddy Dom story. As you may know, so far I’ve only written historical westerns, so this is quite a change. I’m so excited to release this book! An excerpt is included below to whet your appetite.

Both of these projects are anticipated for release in September 2017, so stay tuned. If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet, please do (! That’s the best way to keep informed about my books.


Claimed by the Mountain Man
Narrated by: Ken Solin

Audible Cover

Anticipated Release: September 2017
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Times are hard in Montana in the mid-1800s, and when Nettie finds herself impoverished, desperate, and alone after the death of her husband, she flees the town of Helena to escape the clutches of the local saloon owner. But living off the land quickly proves much more difficult than she’d hoped, and after days without food she resorts to stealing from Jack Abrams, a gruff mountain man and trapper who lives a secluded, uncomplicated life in the woods.

Jack doesn’t take kindly to being stolen from and when he catches her red-handed, Nettie ends up lying naked over his knee for a long, hard spanking. To her surprise, however, after her punishment Jack offers her food and shelter in return for cooking, cleaning, and doing as she is told. But Nettie is determined to never rely on a man again, and with a belly full of food and renewed determination, she abandons him to take another shot at living in the woods on her own.

Jack knows the headstrong girl won’t survive without his help, especially when she chooses a grizzly’s winter cave as her shelter, and he can’t stand by and idly watch her demise. When his irritation with her foolish pride boils over, he decides it is time to show her how thoroughly a man can dominate a woman silly enough to venture into the woods alone. Jack’s stern chastisement and bold mastery of her body leave Nettie begging for more, but is she truly ready to give up her freedom to be claimed by the mountain man?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Mountain Man is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Excerpt from Daddy Dom WIP

Awkwardly, she splayed the top half of her body over the desk. Her breasts crushed against the cool wood.

“Widen your stance,” he ordered, his voice now clipped and clearly conveying his disciplinary intent.

With a small whimper, she moved her feet farther apart, which exposed her dripping pussy to the warm air and his view.

“How do you think Daddy should punish his naughty little girl for not completing her homework assignment?”

It seemed absurd to ask that question when it was clear exactly what he intended to do. “Two demerits?” she suggested.

She was grateful to hear him chuckle behind her. The moment was intense, but hearing his laugh caused her to relax just a fraction.

“Nice try, naughty girl. No, I think a spanking with this ruler will convey my expectations for obedience nicely. I’ll give you six swats, two for each question you left incomplete. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Six didn’t sound so bad.

Three lines of fire branded her bottom in quick succession. It took her brain a moment to register the pain, but when it did, she shrieked and pushed back from the desk, clutching her poor burning bottom. Tears sprang to her eyes involuntarily. She couldn’t remember anything ever hurting that much. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she exclaimed, rubbing the scorched area frantically, trying to cool the burn. “That hurt!” she screeched at him.

“It was supposed to, young lady. Disobedient little girls do not get the privilege of having a bottom that’s not sore. Get back into position.”

She stared pleadingly into his eyes. “That was enough punishment. I promise to complete all homework assignments from now on.”

The expression on his face was implacable. “I’m sure you will, but Daddy is still going to finish your punishment.”

She whimpered, his words causing her pussy to leak and her bottom to clench. She absolutely didn’t want the last three swats. The whippy plastic ruler from hell had already caused an inferno on her poor bottom, but hearing his calm resolve did strange things to her nether regions.

Somehow, she convinced herself to assume the position in which her poor posterior was vulnerable to more punishment. He ran a warm hand over each cheek, and patted her bottom. “Legs apart.”

ab5c40c2809f6247ed5e2275c499b2a8fb9b4d20Did you like that excerpt?

If so, you might like my currently published book, His Little Red Lily, which is a mild age play historical western romance. Click the image to read the blurb on Amazon. Thanks for stopping by my blog!




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A sound switching #SatSpanks #NewRelease

It’s Saturday! We all know what that means around here. It’s time for some Saturday Spankings. I’m thrilled to share something from my new release, Catching Betsy, which is Book 2 in the Mail-Order Grooms series. This book is completely standalone; however, if you’ve read the first book, Handling Susannah, you will have a chance to revisit several of the characters.


In this excerpt, Betsy has put herself in danger by running away, and Roderick attempts to put a stop to that behavior by giving her a sound switching. She’s naked from the waist down, bent over a smooth rock with her skirts lying on her back, waiting to accept punishment.

He brought the switch across the center of both cheeks. A split-second later, she emitted a shriek and would have stood from her bent position if it weren’t for Roderick’s hand on her back pinning her in place. He watched as a single, thin welt appeared on her tender white cheeks.

He wielded the switch three more times in quick succession, leaving three neat stripes from the center of her bottom down to its undercurve.

She screamed so loudly that Roderick considered scolding her for that, but he decided not to. He had plenty of more important scolding to do. “You’ll never run away from me again, Betsy. If something I say isn’t pleasing to you, I expect you to stay and discuss it with me. Understand?”

“Yes!” she cried.

Catching Betsy (Mail-Order Grooms Book 2)

About Catching Betsy

Eighteen-year-old Betsy Blake yearns for love and romance, but the unattached men of Virginia City are all ill-mannered ranch hands without the gentlemanly qualities she desires. When her friend Susannah finds a husband by writing a mail-order groom advertisement in the paper, Betsy decides to pen her own ad specifying her wish for a well-dressed, mannerly husband from the east, and she excitedly awaits a response from the man of her dreams.

Roderick Mason’s reputation as an architect in NYC has earned him great success, but he hasn’t been as lucky in love. The women of his circle are perfectly lovely, observing every etiquette with practice and ease, but he longs for adventure and a woman who will challenge him. When he reads an ad in the paper requesting a gentleman groom, he decides it’s time to abandon life as he knows it and head to the wild west.

Roderick and Betsy are immediately smitten, but they soon discover that not everyone in Virginia City is pleased by their match, especially one man who wants Betsy as his own. As Betsy’s stalker becomes increasingly threatening, Roderick realizes he will go to great lengths to protect his sweet little country girl, including taking her over his knee for some painful discipline when she misbehaves or puts herself in danger. Will Betsy learn to face her problems and accept Roderick’s love and discipline, or will he never succeed at what he desires most—protecting and catching Betsy?

Warning: Catching Betsy is a historical western romance containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline, including punishment spanking. If these themes offend you, please don’t buy this book.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of you hop! Click here to read spanking snippets by other authors.

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Hero Undercover anthology: Only a few more days at $0.99!

2Good morning! Let’s talk about Hero Undercover, a sizzling compilation of panty-melting military masters, determined detectives, and rope twirling cowboys.  Penned by 25 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning, best-selling romance authors: Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Jane Henry, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly.

This amazing boxset is getting great reviews. Here are just a couple:

“…every story is sizzling hot! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anthology so jam packed with this much talent, and the added bonus that its proceeds go to charity? You’d be crazy not to buy this incredible collection!” ~Knotty Girl Reviews

“…a smokin’ collection of over-the-top sexy romance stories by 25 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning best-selling romance authors. These hot, take charge bad-boy heroes and feisty strong willed heroines that will leave you one satisfied puddle of woman.” ~Goodreads Reviewer


12322871My contribution to the boxset, Justice, Roughly, is a historical western about a cowboy who goes undercover as deputy to suss out a cattle rustler. He didn’t expect to fall for the criminal. Enjoy this extended excerpt!

Wyatt took a final swig of whiskey. “I should go. It’s getting late.”

She felt disappointed. She didn’t want him to leave, but it was only proper. It was dark but for the coal oil lamp flickering with a low flame by the window, and she could hear crickets chirping insistently outside.

“I’ll help you put on your shirt,” she said, rising to her feet and moving toward him. She stood between his spread knees and reached behind him with an arm on either side of his neck. They were so close to each other that Elsie could feel the heat from his breath on the exposed part of her upper chest. Her breasts were positioned near his face and nearly touched him as she reached over to position the arm of the shirt so that he could slide his left hand into it.

She was aware of his breathing becoming more labored against her skin, which prickled and pulsed with desire as she drew in his scent, a mixture of soap, whiskey, and leather. She lightly covered his injured shoulder with the empty shirtsleeve, keeping his arm in the sling. She didn’t bother buttoning him up.

In a sudden burst of courage and lust, she ran her hand down his bare chest, feeling the soft flesh over his hard ridges.

“Elsie…” he said, his voice low, his tone a warning.

She gazed into his glimmering eyes. She’d never been with a man, but instinct directed her movements. She felt like the most desirable woman in the world, standing there in front of him, having him look at her in that way, and she yearned for him to touch her.

He wrapped his good arm around her waist and pulled her to a seated position on his left leg. His arm still firmly encircling her, he said quietly in a deep voice, “You’re playing with fire, young lady.”

She clenched her legs together and shivered, the chiding having sparked her arousal. “Please, Wyatt…”

“Please what?” he asked gently.

She let out a whimper, a small sound that indicated how vulnerable she was to her onslaught of feelings. She didn’t know how to articulate what she wanted, but she didn’t need to. Her needy mewl spurred him into action. Strong fingers trailed up her back, entwined in her hair, and closed into a gentle fist. Gripping her hair at the roots, he turned her head to face him and crushed his lips against hers. She melted into the kiss. The pressure of his mouth caused an outpouring of sensations in her tummy, her breasts, and between her legs—feelings she’d never felt so strongly before. He growled, and the kiss became deeper, more insistent.

His hand left her hair and wrapped around her back, pulling her close to him so that her breasts flattened against his chest. One of her hard, sore nipples scraped against a button on his shirt, causing her back to arch suddenly. She trembled and gasped when his lips left hers and nibbled at her neck.

“Oh…” It was nearly too much for her. Her mind and heart raced, unable to understand what was happening to her body.

She would have lost her maidenhood that night if Wyatt hadn’t pulled away suddenly. He stood, bringing her to her feet as well, and took two steps back.

“I’m sorry,” he said, breathing hard. “Forgive me.”

“Don’t be sorry, Wyatt,” she said pleadingly. “I liked it.” She took a step toward him, but he held out his hand to stop her approach.


It was spoken so firmly and without compromise that it caused Elsie to feel a sharp pang of rejection. Humiliated, she bit her lip and struggled not to allow tears to make an appearance.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, Elsie,” Wyatt said quickly. “Please don’t cry.”

“I don’t understand,” she said, feeling her lower lip trembling and her eyes filling with tears.

“I would be taking advantage of you.”

“No, you wouldn’t. Not if I want it too. Do you not find me attractive?” She suddenly felt sick to her stomach. How desperate she sounded, begging for his affection.

“I do find you attractive. And I would like nothing more than to continue what we were doing, but it wouldn’t be right.”

She didn’t believe him. What a fool she was, dressing up in her prettiest dress and inviting him to dinner. She shook her head and blinked at the ground, wishing she could be anywhere but there. Struggling to keep her voice from wavering, she said, “It’s all right, Wyatt. I know I have been very forward.”

An awful silence filled the room. She couldn’t even look at him and wished that he would leave so she could nurse her hurt pride in solitude. She could feel his gaze on her and the longer he stayed silent, the more humiliated she felt.

He walked to her suddenly, grabbed her wrist, and pressed her hand against the front of his trousers. “Feel that?” he growled. “That’s how much I want you. Don’t you dare think otherwise.”

She gasped and stared at him with wide eyes. His cock was rock hard. She knew a man became hard when he was filled with desire, so she felt her earlier fear of him not finding her attractive fading, leaving in its wake total confusion.

“Now do you believe I want you?” he said, and clenched his jaw. He seemed almost angry, but it was more intensity than anger.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good.” He released her wrist and strode to the front door, where he grabbed his hat hanging over a hook and clapped it on his head. “Forgive me, Elsie.” Without waiting for her to respond, he walked out and slammed the door behind him.

Get the rest of this story and 24 more at your favorite retailer. But hurry! It’s only $0.99 for a few more day.


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Audiobook of Handling Susannah now available!


Good news! The audiobook of Handling Susannah has gone live. For a limited time, I’m giving away codes to download the book for free. Reviews highly appreciated but not required. To get a free code, simply fill out this form and you’ll hear from me!

Want a sneak peek? Listen to narrator Ken Solin reading the first chapter. He sure knows how to bring these books to life.

Audible cover

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Guest Authors · Science Fiction Romance

Her Alien Doctors by Sara Fields

Sara Fields, a spanking romance author I shamelessly fangirled over when she came out with her first book, is here to share an excerpt from her latest release, Her Alien Doctors. I always love when authors give me an aftercare scene to share, and the one below from Ms. Fields made me go “awww.” All the feels. Enjoy! About Her… Continue reading Her Alien Doctors by Sara Fields