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Inspiration: Where does it come from?

I’ve been thinking lately about inspiration. Unlike many authors, I don’t have a million book ideas knocking around in my head at any given moment. I generally have only one. Once I get an idea for a story, I become fully immersed in it until I flesh it out in a book. It’s like my brain can only process so much and stubbornly refuses to allow extra stuff in that will be distracting.

Because of my brain’s stingy supply of new ideas, part of me is afraid I’ll eventually run out of them. As I write and complete each new book, however, that fear gradually diminishes. I have written nine historical western romances containing domestic discipline, a rather specific genre, and yet each book has contained a different premise, plot, and character personalities.

The world is full of inspiration. You just have to pay attention. You have to listen, learn, and feel. I’d like to share my inspiration for each book I’ve written. For some of them, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment or experience that inspired me, but for others, it’s very clear.

detail_3605_TheUnbraidingOfAnnaBrown_200x300The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. My first book. Believe it or not, I started this book in 2011 and didn’t finish it until 2015. I was so thrilled when Blushing Books accepted it for publication, and I was even more thrilled when I learned that — wow! — there are other people who want to read my fantasies. Carter, the hero, is a grieving widower who has withdrawn from the world. Anna, the heroine, is a sweet young woman whose kind heart and quiet presence gradually help him awaken from grief.

My inspiration for this story? The western T.V. show Bonanza. If you’re a fan of the show, you know the big joke. Throughout its air on T.V., the four bachelor ranchers meet scores of women, but the women they meet and fall in love with all die. Ben Cartwright, the patriarch, was actually married three times and all three of his wives died. I was thinking of Ben Cartwright when I wrote Carter Barnes (see the name similarity?).

Growing up, watching the strong, old-fashioned cowboys take charge and do good in the world, did all kinds of happy things to my impressionable young heart, so it makes sense that I would have a “thing” for cowboys. I suppose you could say Bonanza is an inspiration for all my books, in a way, since my books all take place in the old west with rugged, untamed men (yum!).

large_3825_submissivesuffragette_500x755The Submissive Suffragette. This is a prequel to Anna Brown, even though I wrote it after. While writing Anna’s story, I came to understand the woman Carter was mourning. Carter’s first wife, Nalin, was sharp, feisty, and different from Anna in just about every way. I felt that Nalin and Carter deserved their own story, which led me to write The Submissive Suffragette.

It was fun to write, and I’ll tell you why. While writing Anna and Carter’s story, I fully formed Carter’s character, and I had to stick with it when I wrote the next book. He was who he was! And that was a gruff, stoic, no-nonsense man. Young, demure Anna fell right in line with that. But pairing him with Nalin was a fun challenge. Imagine a progressive, intelligent woman going toe-to-toe with an old-fashioned cowboy for 130 pages, and you have an idea of what goes on in this book.

large_3663_missymarshall_500x755Missy Meets the Marshal. You’ll notice as you keep reading that a recurring inspiration for my books is other books. This is true for Missy Meets the Marshal, although it might be surprising to discover which book inspired it. Believe it or not, it was inspired by a nonfictional book about how to write westerns, called Write a Western in 30 Days by Nik Morton.

I had grudgingly and unenthusiastically decided I should do some research on the old west, since it was clear by this time that writing westerns was the direction I was going. In this how-to book, I learned that to make a western book feel authentic to the reader, I needed to get more specific and more in tune with the lingo of the old west. For instance, instead of writing that the marshal drew his gun, I could write that the marshal shucked his Smith & Wesson. I learned about some of the gritty details of the wild west, and an action-packed story of villains, bank robbery, and murder formed inside my head. I don’t claim that my books are completely historically accurate (they’re not, as several disgruntled readers have pointed out), but I do try to add as many details as possible to make them believable. Fun fact: Anna and Carter show up in this book, and they are instrumental in helping Missy and Grover find their HEA.

fetchingcharolotterose_fullFetching Charlotte Rose. This book ranked #1 in historical erotica and erotic westerns on Amazon. It also won “Best Sweet Spanking Romance” of 2016. So yes, this book is both erotic and sweet! I can actually pinpoint the exact book that inspired me to write Fetching, and it’s a book by a spanking romance author I’ve never spoken with or had any kind of communication with other than to review a couple of her books. The author is April Hill, and the book that inspired mine is titled Scarlet Fever. In the beginning of this book, the hero (a Canadian Mountie) and heroine (an American journalist) engage in the most hilarious banter. The bratty heroine repeatedly insults the longsuffering hero who has a duty to deport her for not possessing proper papers. She jabs at him for being Canadian, for being a man, for being humorless… all his qualities and personality traits are fair game for this smart-mouthed heroine.

In my book, down-to-earth, practical Max fetches haughty, well-educated Charlotte Rose from the station, and immediately there are fireworks. Thinly veiled insults fly from the travel-weary lady, and events during the buggy ride from the station to town include Charlotte tossing away an apple given to her by Max, reporting that she’s had lemons that were sweeter. It’s so, so fun writing bratty heroines and the moments that lead to their comeuppances!

hislittleredlily_fullHis Little Red Lily. This book dabbles with mild age play. The young heroine is in need of a father figure, and the older, more-experience Jesse fits that role. Charlotte and Max make a significant appearance in this book. Writing Fetching Charlotte Rose and becoming acquainted with its setting and its characters inspired me to write Lily. Other than that, I honestly can’t say where I got my idea for this book. Lily longs to be an entertainer and to sing and dance in Jesse’s saloon. I can’t relate with this at all, as I would rather get indigestion than get up on stage and perform. Still, Lily’s longing for a protective man who will see to her safety isn’t a fantasy unfamiliar to me, so the story flowed naturally.

claimedbythemountainman_fullClaimed by the Mountain Man. Trapper Jack meets Naughty Nettie. I’ve actually already written a post on my inspiration for this book! If interested, you can read about it here. In a nutshell, my inspiration came from a Dolly Parton song. Yes, you heard that right. Country western songs have been pretty helpful to me in writing westerns, actually. Many other country songs have led to writing scenes in my other books. I can give specifics if asked, but this post would be a lot longer if I tried to list them all.

corrallingcallie_fullCorralling Callie. By this point in my western book-writing endeavor, I had written men with the following occupations: rancher, marshal, blacksmith, saloon owner, and trapper. I thought to myself, what other jobs did men have back then? I researched and found out that one of the most dangerous, lucrative careers a man could have in the old west was as a stagecoach driver. I knew I had found my next hero: Jude Johnson. Tough as nails, he has a job to do, and it’s to transport travelers west in one piece — surviving treacherous trails, bad weather, and bandits.

So what happens when a focused man gets a passenger like Callie, a misbehaving orphan with very little understanding of safety and proper behavior? Well, let’s just say there’s some spanking involved. I really fell in love with these two characters, so much so that I was inspired to write a follow-up story with them called Christmas with Callie, which can be found in this anthology.

emmassurrender_new_2.1Emma’s Surrender. I try to pay attention to trends in what people are reading and writing, and one trend I noticed and experienced myself in my own taste was dark romances. All the heroes I had written up to this point were what I would call morally upright. But I got to thinking, what if my hero was a villain? What if he was so evil that he actually murdered the heroine’s father? My mind went down a dark path (fun!). This book took on more D/s themes in addition to DD. It was my first time writing anal punishment, first time writing capture, and first time writing 100 percent from the heroine’s perspective. Before, my books contained chapters from the hero’s point of view, but I intentionally didn’t allow the reader to get inside Nathan’s head in this book. I wanted them to experience all the fear and doubt that Emma felt, without understanding the hero’s motivations until she did.

The plot of this story is based very loosely on real-life historical events. I lived for about six years in a small town in Montana, and in that time I learned some of the history there. During the Civil War, though Montana had no official affiliations, sympathizers of the Union stole gold to support their cause and painted pictures of the victims as evil Confederates, even though most of those people had come upon that gold legally. The sheriff in Virginia City was eventually hung as a result of a series of events that happened around this time. Using these fascinating historical truths, I wrote a strange, but not altogether unlikely, tale where the people who are supposedly good in this book are actually not good at all.

Handling Susannah CoverHandling Susannah. This is my latest release. I plan to write a lot more about my inspiration for it in a separate blog post but, as a preview, I will say I was hugely inspired by one of my author friends, Susannah Shannon—so much so that I gave the heroine her name! This friend of mine has been instrumental in brainstorming sessions. She can come up with hilarious, delightful ideas for stories and plot twists at the drop of a hat, and that was the case with this book. Every western romance writer needs to write a story with the mail-order bride trope, right? It’s practically mandatory. Discussions with Susannah led to shaking up this trope and writing a story about a mail-order groom. And boy was this fun to write!

Thanks for reading about my inspiration! If you’re an author, I’d love to hear what inspires you. Are there similarities, or is your process totally different from mine? Do you have any advice for finding inspiration? Are there events in your life that have led to an influx or drought of ideas? Please share!

If you’re a reader, what kinds of themes do you like to read in your romance books? What would you like to read next? Please share your thoughts, as I’m always looking for new ideas and willing to try new things!

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#SatSpanks: I’ll take a switch to you

top100_claimedbythemountainmanToday I’m back with Trapper Jack and naughty Nettie from Claimed by the Mountain Man. Jack is an uncompromising man who finds himself falling for Nettie, a woman running from her past and doing all she can to remain independent. The following excerpt is a good example of both his fierceness and compassion when it comes to the runaway woman. Enjoy!

“Are you going to lie to me again, Nettie?” He gave her another hard swat to punctuate his question.

“No, Trapper Jack.”

“Good.” He moved his hand to the place where her bottom and thighs met and gave her two sharp swats on each side. “I’m growing quite fond of you. So much so that if you do anything to put yourself in danger again, I’ll take a switch to you.”

She gasped at that piece of information. He gathered a fistful of her short hair in his hand, lifted her head, and pointed it in the direction of a tree. “See that tree over there, the one with yellow leaves?”


“I’ll make you go cut a switch from it and I’ll wear it out on your bare backside. That’ll leave welts and stripes. You want me to do that to you, woman?”


“Then you listen to what I say and think twice about lying in the future. Got it?”

Claimed by the Mountain Man

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#SatSpanks: He bared her bottom and spanked her

Saturday SpankingsWelcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop, where you’ll find excerpts from authors’ books about corporal punishment as well as some erotic spanking. I’m choosing to share a snippet from my book Claimed by the Mountain Man. Jack had told Nettie to sharpen her knife on every third use, but she didn’t listen, resulting in her cutting her thumb. Jack is not someone you want to disobey.

She thought her injury might exempt her from punishment, but the exact opposite was true. He pulled her over his knee an hour later for the longest, hardest spanking she’d ever endured. Between swats he scolded her harshly, saying there was no doctor for miles around to help if she’d cut off her thumb. He bared her bottom and spanked her until she was sobbing, contrite, and vowing she would never disobey him again. Even when he finished spanking her, the punishment wasn’t over. He relegated her to a corner in the cabin, where she stood for some time with her smarting bare bottom on display. When she managed to stop crying, Jack ordered her over his lap again.

“No,” she wailed. “I can’t take anymore. I’ve learned my lesson, Trapper Jack!”

He pointed at his knee and gave her a stern look, so she obeyed as tears filled her eyes once again. Luckily, he didn’t spank her. Instead he used the time that she lay over his lap to rub her bottom and make sure she understood the reason for the punishment.

“You scared me, Nettie. I don’t make up rules for fun. They’re for practical reasons, and I expect you to take them seriously.”

“I’m sorry, Jack,” she said, hiccupping.

He continued to caress her. “You know I wouldn’t punish you for a mistake, right? Only for disobeying.”

She nodded. “Yes, I know.” He was very strict, but she knew he was fair too.

“Good girl.” After some more caressing, he gathered her into a hug on his lap, and she nearly fell asleep as he held her close and rubbed her back.

top100_claimedbythemountainmanSound interesting? Read the first chapter. This book is also available to buy at all the usual places.

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/1qCY5T2
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1sMrlsC
BARNES & NOBLE: http://bit.ly/1s349FP
ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS: http://bit.ly/259SumP
KOBO: http://bit.ly/1Tzb42t

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#SatSpanks: Greedy girls get punished

Saturday SpankingsHello, and welcome to my blog. It’s time for Saturday Spankings, and I’ve got another excerpt from my book Claimed by the Mountain Man. This is some “funishment” that took place after naughty Nettie tried to orgasm before Trapper Jack deemed it time. Enjoy!

She leaned back slowly, her heart fluttering wildly. Her bound wrists behind her back served to prop her lower body up and give him perfect access to her sex when her legs fell apart naturally.

“Greedy girls get punished here,” he said huskily, sliding his finger along her slit. He slapped her pussy, and she jumped. The feeling was intense—pain and pleasure warred for the strongest sensation. She both dreaded and longed for the next swat. He spanked her again lightly, and the impact of his hand against her cream made a distinctly wet slapping sound. The slaps increased in speed, not in force, but the ache built with every slap. She moaned and twisted, desperate for relief from the sweet torture. “Please,” she begged. “Please stop and fill me now.”

His hand settled and cupped her possessively. “Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?” he asked roughly.

“Yes,” she rasped and looked into his eyes, which were dark with lust.

He landed another smack. “I don’t know that you have. Four more.” The last four slaps were sharp and caused her to cry out. Just as her cries were dying, he turned her around and surged into her pussy from behind, bringing another cry from her lips, this time of sheer pleasure.


Buy this book by clicking the links below or read the first chapter.

AMAZON US: http://amzn.to/1qCY5T2
AMAZON UK: http://amzn.to/1sMrlsC
BARNES & NOBLE: http://bit.ly/1s349FP
ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS: http://bit.ly/259SumP
KOBO: http://bit.ly/1Tzb42t

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New Release! Trapper Jack meets naughty Nettie

claimedbythemountainman_fullHello! For those of you who missed it, my latest book, Claimed by the Mountain Man, was released this weekend by the fabulous team of people at Stormy Night Publications. This book was so fun to write. I normally can’t pinpoint the exact inspiration for writing a story. Usually it comes to me in pieces during a brainstorming session, but in the case of this book, the idea come to me quite suddenly. More about that later. First, here’s a little about the book.

About Claimed by the Mountain Man

Times are hard in Montana in the mid-1800s, and when Nettie finds herself impoverished, desperate, and alone after the death of her husband, she flees the town of Helena to escape the clutches of the local saloon owner. But living off the land quickly proves much more difficult than she’d hoped, and after days without food she resorts to stealing from Jack Abrams, a gruff mountain man and trapper who lives a secluded, uncomplicated life in the woods.

Jack doesn’t take kindly to being stolen from and when he catches her red-handed, Nettie ends up lying naked over his knee for a long, hard spanking. To her surprise, however, after her punishment Jack offers her food and shelter in return for cooking, cleaning, and doing as she is told. But Nettie is determined to never rely on a man again, and with a belly full of food and renewed determination, she abandons him to take another shot at living in the woods on her own.

Jack knows the headstrong girl won’t survive without his help, especially when she chooses a grizzly’s winter cave as her shelter, and he can’t stand by and idly watch her demise. When his irritation with her foolish pride boils over, he decides it is time to show her how thoroughly a man can dominate a woman silly enough to venture into the woods alone. Jack’s stern chastisement and bold mastery of her body leave Nettie begging for more, but is she truly ready to give up her freedom to be claimed by the mountain man?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Mountain Man is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

My Inspiration

All right, so I promised I’d share my inspiration for this story. Don’t laugh. It came to me while listening to a Dolly Parton song called Joshua. Some of the lyrics are as follows:

Well a good ways down the railroad track
There was this little old rundown shack
And in it lived a man I’d never seen
Folks said he was a mean and a vicious man
And you better not set foot on his land
I didn’t think nobody could be that mean
So I took me out walking down the railroad track
I was a-gonna go down to that little old shack
And just find out if all them things I’d heard was true

There was a big black dog laying out in the yard
And it growled at me and I swallowed hard
And I heard somebody say ‘well who are you?’
Oh and there he stood in the door of that shack
His beard and his hair was long and black
And he was the biggest man I’d ever seen

Joshua Joshua
Whatcha doing living here all alone?
Joshua Joshua
Ain’t you got nobody to call your own?

Dolly doesn’t expound on why Joshua is living alone or why people think he’s mean, so I got to thinking: What kind of man would choose to live a secluded life? What had people done to him that made him want to avoid them?

A backstory for my hero, Trapper Jack, formed in my mind, and he became very real to me. Jack had been to war and suffered trauma, witnessed cruelty, and came home to his wife being dead and buried before he could tell her what she meant to him. He is damaged, tortured by guilt, and not at all wanting or expecting a new woman to enter his life. Jack is not a nice man, but you might be convinced eventually that he’s a good man.

Then I thought about my heroine. What would compel a woman to approach a man with a mean and vicious reputation? It dawned on me that she would have to be desperate for something, and in the case of the story I wrote, Nettie was desperate for food. Nettie’s backstory revealed itself to me too, and as you’ll see if you read the book, her past haunts her, just as Trapper Jack’s past haunts him. Together, these two lonely souls find in each other what they need. Of course, it takes them a while to get there, but I think you’ll find that their journey is exciting. In addition to a love story, this is a story of two people who manage to survive in the wild woods of Montana after having survived everything that led them there. Oh, and there’s some steamy sex too!

Here’s a little bit of what goes on in their journey to love and a happily ever after.




He drew a deep breath before he spoke. “What’s not right is you insisting on living there in that cave instead of here. I’ve only reluctantly permitted it.”

Nettie’s temper flared. She temporarily forgot her desire for him. All she could think of in that moment was that she was once again at another’s man mercy. “Permitted it? You’ve permitted nothing,” she said angrily. “I have every right to stay where I please. It’s not your right to permit or forbid it.” She glared up at him.

Jack’s face hardened, and she saw a tick in his jaw to indicate he was gritting his teeth. He pivoted away from her and in one stride reached the stool by the table, where he sat. Nettie returned to spooning food onto the plate. She felt his eyes on her, watching her every move. Her feelings were conflicted. She had been worried that he didn’t care about her. Now that she had confirmation he cared enough to spy on her, she felt like all of her efforts were in vain. She wanted to be self-sufficient, and the fact that Jack checked in on her meant that she wasn’t.

She didn’t want to look at him, fearing she would burst into tears from the emotions raging inside of her. With her eyes lowered, she brought the plate of food to the table and set it down in front of him. When she let go of the plate, he captured her wrist suddenly, with the speed of a mountain lion. Nettie gasped and met his heated gaze.

Jack’s dark eyes flashed with fury, and when he spoke, his voice was low and dangerous. “You don’t have rights out here, woman. Here, the weak are at the mercy of the strong, and that makes me your master.”

Nettie felt outraged by his words. She tried to pull away, but he continued to hold her wrist in an iron grip. It wasn’t tight enough to hurt, but it was unyielding. He stood slowly and loomed over her. His face twisted into a scowl as he took steps forward that made her take steps back until she was flush against the wall. He captured her other wrist and pinned both in one of his hands, then held them uncomfortably high over her head against the splintering logs of the cabin’s wall. Her breathing became ragged. She stared into his eyes and felt a hunger she hadn’t felt for a long time. “I know you wouldn’t harm me,” she croaked.

“Do you?” he snarled.

She let out a whimper. She wasn’t afraid. Not really. She felt alive and on edge, wondering what his next move would be. His hand trailed along her neck down to her breast, which he squeezed and flattened with his palm.

“I’ve been too easy on you.” He pinched her peaked nipple through her shirt, with enough pressure to make her cry out. “You think there’s no cause to fear me, but you’re wrong about that.”

Nettie closed her eyes. She felt frantic with lust. She needed his whole body to press against hers. She wanted him to kiss her as roughly as he was speaking to her. “Why do you want me to fear you?” she asked in a tremulous voice.

Jack released her wrists. She felt bereft of his touch when he took a short step back, but that feeling didn’t last long. He took hold of her arm, dragged her to the bed and shoved her onto her stomach. He yanked down her trousers and ripped off her drawers with terrifying speed. With lengths of rope he’d apparently picked up on the way to the bed, he bound an ankle to one bedpost and repeated the motions for the other. It happened so fast and came as such a surprise that it didn’t occur to Nettie to try to break free until it was too late—not that she would have been successful, had she tried.

He pulled her hands forward and tied them to the bed as well. There she lay, spread eagle and naked from the waist down. Her open legs allowed a breeze of cool air to brush her sex, and the muscles there constricted, desperate for something to fill it.

Before she knew it, she was alone in the cabin. Jack had left her there, and she had no idea where he went or when he would return. Her heart beat heavily in her chest. After what seemed like an eternity, the cabin door opened, and what she saw sent her heart racing even faster. In his hand was a switch the length of her arm and the width of one of her fingers. Her stomach flopped as he approached her. “Please, Trapper Jack. Why are you doing this?” she whispered.


If this book sounds as fun to read as it was for me to write, please check it out. Buy links are as follows:

Claimed by the Mountain Man

If you’d like to read the first chapter before purchasing, please click here.

Finally, if you’re a fan of old country music (or even if you’re not), have a listen to Joshua. It’s quite a charming song. Thanks for visiting!

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#SatSpanks: I’m going to spank that lily-white bottom of yours

Saturday Spankings

It’s time for Saturday Spankings. Hope you enjoy this naughty excerpt.

On a rainy day in October, she swept the floor, humming to herself, and she felt his gaze on her. When she looked at him, he said in his low, warning voice, “You swept yesterday. There’s no need to do it again.”

She felt a shiver creep down her spine. This was their mating dance. He would make a comment about her behavior, and she would respond by needling him. “If you didn’t track in mud all the time, I wouldn’t have to sweep every day.”

Nettie watched him rise slowly from the sofa, and she inhaled sharply. She felt that delicious mixture of fear and anticipation when he ambled toward her. His jaw was set, and his gaze could have melted snow. When he reached her, he took the broom, set it aside, and turned her around slowly. He held her wrists firmly behind her back in one of his hands.

“You think it’s wise to talk to me that way, naughty Nettie?” His voice was deep and threatening.

“No, sir. I’m sorry,” she said breathlessly.

“Not yet, but you will be.” He wound rope around her wrists.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a small voice.

Jack wrapped his hand around her throat and pulled her head to his chest. Her breath hitched when he bent and nipped her earlobe and then growled into her ear. “First, I’m going to spank that lily-white bottom of yours until it’s as red as your hair.” His hand tightened, just enough to cause her discomfort without cutting off her air.

She felt her drawers grow damp. “No, please don’t spank me. I’ll stop sweeping,” she breathed. Oh, how she loved this game, which felt so real in the moment, though she knew he was only finding an excuse to dominate her.

He ignored her plea and continued. “After I punish your bottom, I’m going to spread your legs and spank that pretty pink cunt until you beg me to stop. And then I’m going to spank it harder to teach you a lesson.”

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Claimed by the Mountain Man

Here are some of my published books you might enjoy:

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Aftercare – The sweetest part of a spanking

aftercare-paddleMy Facebook friend KR mentioned that she loved reading aftercare in spanking and BDSM books, so that gave me this idea for a blog post.

There is something satisfying about reading the aftermath of a punishment, when the submissive has the chance to relax in her disciplinarian’s arms and feel loved, despite (and perhaps partly because of) the pain. She has misbehaved somehow — sassy backtalk, not following through with a promise, putting herself in danger, etc. — and has been punished. We read her struggle with the pain, anger, and submission, but then the punishment ends. However, that shouldn’t be the end of the time they spend together.

A punishment spanking hurts, and it’s not supposed to be fun. Along with the pain can come a sense of failure and a sadness over disappointing her Dom/Daddy/Master. Aftercare is a time for the Dom to reaffirm the relationship, to reassure her that her indiscretion is forgiven, and to dry her tears. Included below are various snippets of aftercare from my books. They’re all a bit different, but they all contain one thing in common: the warm feelings that come after a well-done punishment. Hope you enjoy them!

Cover ImageFrom The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

The final four swats were firm and measured.

“Protecting you includes disciplining you,” Spank. “When you choose to be reckless,” Spank. “When you disobey,” Spank. “And when you don’t take your discipline seriously.” Spank. “Have I make myself quite clear on all accounts tonight, young lady?”

“Yes,” Anna moaned, the word leaving her mouth slowly in misery.

“Then we’re finished.” Carter folded her skirt back over her bottom.

Anna hung over his legs and cried. When her cries settled a bit, she said, “I’ll never do anything to earn another spanking like that. Never, ever, ever.”

Carter gathered her into a hug on his lap. “I almost believe that. You’re a good girl.” He wiped away the tears on her cheek and pushed a piece of hair that escaped her braid behind her ear.

“I know you feel I was hard on you, but that spanking won’t hurt past tonight.” He cuddled her into him and stroked her back, his hands now gentle and comforting.

Anna buried her face in the curve of his neck and shoulder and basked in his comfort for some time. When she found her normal voice, she made a three-word declaration that made his hand freeze on her back mid-rub. “You love me.”

Read more about The Unbraiding of Anna Brown.

large_3663_missymarshall_500x755From Missy Meets the Marshal

He caressed her tender skin until she felt like she would pass out from the pleasure his touch brought her. Feeling the ache soothed by the same hand that caused it sent desire coursing through her body. She had never felt so raw and aroused. When he placed his hand on the back of her thigh and pulled it toward him, parting her legs, she mewled. He stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and slid his fingers to the apex of her legs. He cupped her womanhood with his large, warm hand.

A primitive growl escaped his throat, and she felt his cock harden under her stomach. “You’re sopping wet, darlin’,” he said, his voice low with lust. “What a naughty little girl you are. You liked getting spanked, didn’t you?” He gave her pussy a light swat. “You needed to be taught a lesson over my knee.”

The little spank to her most sensitive place delivered a shot of arousal and ache. Beth felt her face flush at his words. “I didn’t like the spanking, Grover. It hurt,” she whimpered, feeling as helpless under his pleasuring hand as she had under his punishing one.

His fingertips found her bundle of nerves and lingered there, brushing and circling it. “But you liked me showing I care, didn’t you? That’s the good thing about a spanking.”

Beth moaned. “There are more, um, pleasant ways to do that.” She felt his manhood twitch under her stomach again, as if on cue volunteering to offer another way. “Please, Grover. I need to feel you inside of me,” she said, her voice husky with desire.

He needed no further encouragement. She found herself being lifted and bent over the arm of the sofa, her spanked bottom in the air. She heard him shucking off his trousers and shortly after felt his cock pressing at her entrance. He clutched her hips and moved into her a little at a time, and she gasped and threw back her head as he filled her. He began his movements slow and gentle but soon picked up speed. He thrust in and out and landed a swat on her sore bottom.

She yelped. “This isn’t very romantic, Marshal, taking me like a bull takes a cow.”

He smacked her again. “Hush. This is how naughty girls who lie to the marshal get fucked.”

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fetchingcharolotterose_fullFrom Fetching Charlotte Rose

“Are you finished with your tantrum now, or do you need some more swats?”

She wiped the tears from her cheek. “I’m finished,” she whimpered, fully subdued.

He slowly relaxed the leg that pinned her in place and lifted her legs to rest over both of his. He caressed her bottom and thighs. After some time, he asked, “Do you feel better now, darlin’?”

“Yes. Thank you, Max.”

She reveled in the comfort she felt from him holding her in such an intimate, vulnerable position. His left hand was anchored around her waist, and his forearm still pinned her to his leg, giving her a sense of security, while his other hand conveyed both warning and solace in its tender strokes over her bottom and legs. She knew he would do whatever it took to keep her safe and in line.

“You’re such a good girl, thanking me for your spanking,” he murmured, squeezing her burning globes gently before resuming his caress.

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hislittleredlilyFrom His Little Red Lily

With her head cradled against the walls of the corner, she rubbed her bottom and cried like she’d never cried before. She’d wanted to impress Jesse and show him that she was a woman, and she’d done the exact opposite. He thought of her as nothing more than a naughty child who needed a spanking, and that’s certainly what she felt like standing in the corner. The tears wouldn’t stop falling, and she sniffled, wishing she had a handkerchief to blow her leaking nose.

Jesse spoke a few minutes later. “Come here, Lily.”

Her eyes downcast, she walked to where he stood leaning against his desk with his arms folded in front of his chest. She couldn’t bear to look at him. He handed her the handkerchief she desperately needed, and she blew her nose.

“It was just a spanking, not the end of the world. Settle down now,” he said, his voice firm.

She obeyed somehow. Soon her sobs morphed into occasional hiccups. She finally dared to look at him through her wet lashes. She discovered that his eyes were fixed on her. She thought she saw concern there, and she was relieved to see no anger or ridicule.

He sighed. “I know I was hard on you, Lily, but hopefully you’ll realize after you leave that it was for your own good. This isn’t the place for a young lady with her whole life ahead of her.”

She felt her lower lip trembling again. She nodded and looked down.

Jesse wrapped an arm around her shoulders and brought her to him for a hug. With his other hand he cupped the side of her head and held it against his chest, and his chin rested on the top of her head. He smelled so good, like soap and something spicy. She relaxed and basked in his comfort and the feeling of his hands, now gentle, wrapped around her body.

Feeling another hug from the first man who’d ever paid her any attention, she felt vulnerable and more in love with him than ever. Despite how much the spanking embarrassed her, she again felt noticed by him and like he cared about her. Now that he comforted her, she grasped his shirt with her fists and held onto him as though tearing herself away would rip out her heart.

He ran a hand over her head. “You’re going to be just fine, darlin’. Stay away from the saloon.” His breath wisped the hair along her forehead, and she felt a shiver of delight down to her toes.

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claimedbythemountainman_fullFrom Claimed by the Mountain Man

He settled his left hand on the center of her back. Still not speaking, he ran his punishing hand lightly over her hot skin. His gentle touch surprised her even more than his hauling her over his lap. Slowly he caressed her swollen globes. Nettie felt a tug at her core, an arousal that built the longer she remained helpless and naked over Jack’s lap. He rubbed her bottom until the sting dissipated into a dull ache.

She felt confused. Five minutes earlier, she would have sworn he was the meanest man to ever exist, but now he seemed almost tender. What confused her more was the fact that she felt disappointed when he stopped caressing her. A man’s touch wasn’t something she had welcomed in a very long time.

“You’ll sleep here tonight, young lady. Tomorrow I’ll figure out what to do with you.”

“All right. Th-thank you,” she said, still sniffling. She was relieved by his pronouncement. She felt too weary to return to the cave now, where she would no doubt struggle to get warm once again. Trapper Jack made her nervous, but she didn’t feel afraid anymore. He’d punished her, and it had hurt, but he’d also fed and warmed her.

He stood with her in his arms and carried her to the bed against the far wall of the room, where he laid her down on her stomach. The bed felt wonderfully soft beneath her. Trapper Jack retrieved the fur blanket from its heap in front of the fireplace and placed it over her naked body.

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