Sunstrokes: Four Hot Tales of Punishment and Pleasure by Maisy Archer, Jane Henry, Susannah Shannon, and Amelia Smarts

coverDominant men keeping their ladies in line.

Four authors bring you four stories sure to light up your summer like fireworks on the 4th of July. Some are sweet, some are spicy, and all are a spanking good time.

When Dom and Heidi go camping, their D/s relationship is put to the test. How will their dynamic work while they’re on vacation? Meredith and Paolo heat up the pages in their summer romp in Florida, where sex and spankings are as plentiful as the sand under the boardwalk. Cass and Killian, the Alaskan couple who are always good for a laugh, agree to be filmed for Cass’s new show, but their relationship isn’t quite normal according to the average American viewer. Finally, newly married Anna and Carter simmer in silent misunderstanding until sparks fly, giving one of them a warmed bottom and both a renewed love for each other.

The Perfect Memory by Maisy Archer
Just months after falling for the sexy dominant next door, Heidi has learned that submission is about more than just spanking and hot sex. While she loves Dominic and the relationship they are building, she sometimes chafes under his authority. So when Dom surprises her with a weekend camping trip, it becomes more than just an opportunity to get out of town – for Heidi, it’s also a vacation from the rules and a chance to recreate her happy childhood memories. But when everything that can go wrong does, and emotions run high, will Dom be able to step up and get things back under control? Or will memories be all they have left?

Under the Boardwalk by Jane Henry
For the first time in years, Meredith and Paolo are going on vacation in sunny Orlando. With no work or commitments to keep them apart from one another, Paolo is bound and determined to keep Meredith on her toes, when she’s not over his lap. He will have his way whenever he wants, and she’s more than happy to oblige. As Paolo embarks on a secret mission to find the perfect souvenir, Meredith is curious. What is the perfect souvenir? Paolo is easily able to stay her curiosity with his wicked ways, distracting her with sexy sessions over his lap, and his insistent demands. Yet when unfortunate circumstances put Meredith in a precarious situation, Paolo is determined to remind her that even on vacation, naughty girls get spanked.

Brined by Susannah Shannon
Nothing is hotter than Alaska on the Fourth of July, unless it’s Cass’s bottom if she can’t control her temper. Cass Nelson is showing off her home and her party-throwing prowess in front of a TV crew. As if auditioning for a TV show isn’t pressure enough, her recently separated parents have joined the festivities along with Hazel, her very happily, newly married mother-in-law. Berry shortcakes, breaching killer whales, and more than one kind of fireworks make an appearance, as do the humor and recipes that are always part of a Cass and Killian story.

The Firecracker by Amelia Smarts
Married for less than six months, Anna is easing into her new role as Carter’s wife and Paddy’s mama. Anna wants to please Carter and be a good wife. She certainly doesn’t want to be taken over her husband’s knee for a sound, bare-bottom spanking for disobedience. But her behavior changes when she begins to doubt that Carter loves her as much as he loved his now-deceased first wife, and she decides obedience is not necessarily the best way to respond to her stubborn alpha husband. Tension burns, tempers flare, and a bottom is thoroughly warmed in this short story bursting with passion, persistence and, in the end, a new understanding of the healing power of love.

Disclaimer: These stories include the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.

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Sunstrokes: Four Hot Tales of Punishment and Pleasure

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What People Say About Sunstrokes

“I absolutely loved all four of these stories. Delicious spankings and great storylines.” -Nichols Reviews
“Each reads well as a standalone and picks up from a series by the various authors.” -Redrabbitt, Top 1% Goodreads Reviewer
“Delightfully fun and sexy. These vacation stories are perfect for some quick relaxation and each one is hot enough to leave you wanting just a little bit more.” -Amazon Customer

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Chapter One from The Firecracker by Amelia Smarts

Texas, 1894

It was sometime in the early hours of the morning that Anna awoke to the sound of a voice. As the fog of her sleep thinned, she heard the voice again, and this time she understood what it was saying: “Mama.” By the third time the voice spoke, Anna was fully awake.

“Mama!” Paddy wailed.

Anna sat up, swung her legs around, and placed her bare feet on the cold hardwood floor. Glancing at her husband of less than six months, she wondered if she should wake him. Paddy was calling for his mama, and his mama had been dead and buried for nearly two years. She decided to allow Carter to sleep. He needed it after his long day spent branding cattle at the range, and Anna was accustomed to caring for the child. She’d been doing it since before marrying Carter, when she worked for him as an employee taking care of Paddy and the household chores after his first wife’s death.

She walked out of the bedroom into the main room of the cabin, where Paddy sat in his bed near the window. Soft moonlight streamed in, lighting shadows along the walls. As she approached, she saw the wet sheen on Paddy’s cheeks that indicated he’d been crying. She sat on the bed and pulled the small boy onto her lap. “What’s the matter, sweetheart? Did you have a bad dream?”

Paddy nodded against her chest and sniffled. “Yes, Mama.”

Anna froze. She realized then that Paddy hadn’t been crying out for his dead mother, but for her. He’d never called her mama before. She’d always been Miss Anna or Manna when he joined the words together. “Mama” was a natural progression, and she had assumed he would call her that eventually, but it still caught her off-guard in that moment.

Paddy babbled in great detail about his nightmare until Anna shook herself out of her musing and shushed him. “Hush now, Paddy. Close your eyes and go back to sleep. I’ll hold you until you fall asleep.”

Paddy quieted. She rubbed his back and swayed with him until she heard his patterned breathing. Carefully, she moved him back to the bed and covered him with his quilt. She smoothed some of his dark hair away from his forehead and studied his face to make sure he was still asleep before she returned to the bedroom.

Carter stirred as she climbed back in bed, but he didn’t wake up. As Anna lay awake staring at the darkness above her, she wondered how her husband would react when she told him of Paddy’s new name for her. She was partly glad this day had come, but the meaning behind it was bittersweet. It meant that Paddy had mostly or completely forgotten his mother. He couldn’t be expected to remember her, since he was barely three years old when she died, but immediately following her death, he had asked for his mama repeatedly and looked at Anna with a sad, confused expression as she took over Nalin’s duties.

Anna remained awake, unable to get back to sleep until hours later, so she felt groggy when the sounds of Carter getting dressed woke her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Carter glanced at her as he shrugged his shirt over his shoulders. “You feeling all right?”

She nodded. “I’m fine.” It was unusual for her to wake up after him. Usually she rose a good hour before he did so she could have breakfast and coffee prepared for him before he left for the range. She watched him button his plain white shirt over his muscled chest and gazed at his handsome profile. He usually wore a stern expression, but when he saw Anna looking at him, he smiled at her, revealing a dimple that softened his face.

“I’m sorry I overslept,” Anna said, scooting to the edge of the bed and stretching. “I’ll get your breakfast ready in a jiffy.”

“Don’t rush yourself. I’ll stop by the men’s bunkhouse and eat their leftovers. I need to get to it. Lots to do today, and I don’t want to waste daylight.” Carter sat on the chair across from their bed and pulled a boot over his foot.

“Carter…” she said, and then stopped. Maybe it wasn’t the best time to bring up what happened with Paddy. He seemed in a hurry to leave.

“Anna…” he said, matching her serious tone.

She smiled, knowing he was teasing her. “I have to tell you something, but I think perhaps it should wait until later.”

His boots donned, Carter stood and walked to where she sat on the edge of the bed. “Tell me now before I leave,” he said, and palmed her cheek in an affectionate manner. He ran the pad of his thumb along her cheek.

Anna let out a sigh. “Well, all right. It’s Paddy. Last night he woke up from a nightmare and called for me.” She paused to organize the rest of what she wanted to say in her mind.

Carter smiled at her. “Don’t fret, honey. Children have nightmares.”

“Yes, I know,” she said quickly. “It’s not that. The thing is, he called me Mama.” She studied her husband’s face carefully. He had a hard face to read, but she saw a unmistakable shadow of sadness cross it before his smile returned.

“Sounds right to me. You’re his mama now.”

Carter turned and left the bedroom. Anna stared after him, feeling uneasy about his response. His words didn’t match the sadness she’d seen on his face, and she wished he would have opened up about how he felt. Of course, it wasn’t like her stoic husband to discuss his feelings unless pressed, and she didn’t like to press him. A few minutes later, she heard Paddy’s screaming laughter and knew Carter was roughhousing with him. She walked to the main room to find Carter holding his son upside down by his ankles. Paddy thrashed about, laughing and yelling.

“Set me down, Pa!”

“I reckon I should tack you up and leave you like this all day. Give you a new perspective of the world. What do you think, Anna?”

“Pa!” Paddy growled in frustration.

“I think you’re a brute,” Anna said with a small smile.

Carter arched an eyebrow at her. “Oh, is that right?” He placed Paddy right side up on the floor and charged her. Anna squealed as she found herself thrown over his shoulder.

She pounded on his back with her fist. “Let me down. You’re proving my point, you big bully.”

“I can give you a lot more proof, darlin’,” he responded with a jovial lilt to his voice. He landed a few crisp swats on her bottom.

Paddy laughed, and Carter said, “What do you think, little man? Does mama need a spanking?”

“No!” he exclaimed, coming to her defense. “Don’t spank her! She’s a good ma.”

The child’s words melted Anna’s heart, and they must have done the same to Carter. “That she is, little man, that she is.” His voice was no longer lighthearted, instead taking on a gentle, somber tone. He bent down and slid Anna off his shoulder, then wrapped her up in his arms.

“I love you, Carter.”

“I love you too, angel.” He gave her a big squeeze and then released her. After cuffing Paddy’s ear gently and tousling his hair, he headed to the front door.

“Did you call Nalin angel too?” The words exited her mouth suddenly, without her giving them thought first, and she held her breath as she waited to hear the answer. She’d grown up knowing and loving Nalin like a big sister, but now that Anna was Carter’s wife, she sometimes resented her and felt jealous of the love he had for her. Nalin’s marriage with Carter had become some unreadable gauge that Anna measured her marriage with Carter against and constantly fell short of in her own mind.

Carter plucked his Stetson off its hook near the door, raked his fingers through his thick dark hair, and clapped the hat on his head. He looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Nope, never called her angel. That wouldn’t have suited her.”

This brought Anna a sense of relief until he continued. “I called her firecracker, and that reminds me of something. Independence Day potluck is tomorrow. Are you looking forward to that? Seems the whole town will be attending.”

“Yes, it should be a good time,” Anna said absently. She hardly noticed him leave.

Firecracker. Carter’s nickname for Nalin replayed itself over and over in Anna’s mind as she kneaded honeyed dough for the potluck. The nickname suited Nalin. She had been a bundle of energy and life and was a bit hot-tempered. She was also incredibly intelligent due to all her book-learning. She wrote speeches for suffrage conventions and was always giving Anna new material to read to broaden her mind about women’s rights. Anna didn’t enjoy the reading, but she gave it a good effort to make Nalin proud.

Anna was Nalin’s opposite in just about every way. Even in looks, the two differed sharply. Nalin had been dark-haired, short and frail; Anna was blonde, tall and strong. In personality, Anna was every bit as soft as Nalin was sharp. It made sense that Carter called Anna angel and Nalin firecracker. What didn’t make sense to Anna was how he could love them both, given their differences.

She knew how very much Carter had loved his first wife. For months Anna watched him mourn her death with a depression that she feared would never lift. She’d also witnessed how he behaved with Nalin when she was alive and how much he respected her. Though Carter was perhaps the biggest, most intimidating man in Texas and Nalin the smallest, frailest woman, she never hesitated to place her hands on her hips and glare up at him when she disagreed with one of his decisions. Carter would listen to her arguments and sometimes even change his mind. That was something he’d never done with Anna—not that she’d given him much opportunity. Anna was quick to obey and rarely argued. Carter was twelve years her senior, and though the two were married now, Anna still viewed him as being in authority, just as she had as a child when she’d been around him.

Anna popped the bread in the oven and washed her hands in the basin. The fleeting look of sadness on Carter’s face over Paddy calling her Mama flitted through her mind, and it distressed her. She hated the thought of Carter being sad, and she also felt that perhaps she wasn’t smart or interesting enough to keep him from missing Nalin. She knew she was a simple farmer’s daughter—not especially intelligent or exciting.

Anna reckoned that the only exciting thing about her was that she liked a little danger. She used to visit Carter’s untamed stallion until he put a stop to it. She wondered to herself if Nalin would have so easily obeyed Carter had he forbidden her from feeding Tuck, or if she would have put up a bit of a fight. Anna grew more disconcerted thinking that perhaps her eagerness to obey and please Carter was not necessarily a good thing. Perhaps if she were more defiant, Carter might find in her what he was missing since Nalin’s death.

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