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#SatSpanks: Insolence over my lap is a very bad idea

Saturday SpankingsHello! Welcome to my contribution to this week’s rendition of Saturday Spankings, the best corporal punishment blog hop on the web. I’m excited to share another excerpt from The Submissive Suffragette, which is slated for release May 10 from Blushing Books.

This is after the spanking. She’s still over his lap.

“I have a request, wife,” Carter said. He continued rubbing her bottom and stroked her back with his other hand. Nalin felt soft and compliant in his lap.

“What is it, husband?” She practically purred.

Carter loved bringing out this submissive side of her as much as he loved facing her fierceness. “I’d like to request that you cook your husband supper when he asks for it.”

“Are you hungry?”

Carter snarled his answer. “I was hungry hours ago when I asked. Now I’m positively wolfish.”

“I’ll cook you something now.” She made a move to get up.

Carter held her in place and gave her a hard swat. “Did I tell you we were finished?”

Nalin yelped and softened back into his lap. “No, sir.”

He continued to rub the sting out. “I have another request. Actually, this isn’t a request. This is a command. You will stop airin’ your lungs every time you get a hankering. It’s offensive, and I don’t enjoy hearing those words coming out of your mouth. Do you agree to stop?”

Nalin didn’t respond for longer than he felt appropriate, so he began spanking her again. “Don’t refuse to answer me, young lady. Insolence over my lap is a very bad idea.”

“Okay,” she cried. “Please stop, I’ll answer.”

He settled his hand on her bottom after a few more sound swats. “Well?”

“It’s not fair that you can swear and I can’t,” she said in a whine.

She has a point, right? If you’d like to read more about this book, including more excerpts, click here and here.

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Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: After such a loud spanking, the room seemed quiet

Saturday Spankings

Welcome! I’ve been working on a new book that’s been loads of fun to write. It’s about a mountain man who lives a secluded life in the woods until a woman comes along and disrupts his peaceful existence. Hope you enjoy this snippet.

After such a loud spanking, the room seemed quiet. The only sounds were the rain pelting the roof, the crackling of the fire, and Nettie’s soft cries. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to sit again after being so thoroughly punished by the man’s big hand, and she didn’t dare move from her place over his lap until he gave permission. She heard a whimper that wasn’t hers and looked over to find Jack’s wolf inching toward them on his belly, whining as he did.

“Go lay down, Cager,” Jack growled, and the wolf complied immediately, returning to his rug, his eyes still fastened on them with a look of interest and concern over what had just happened.

Some time passed in silence until Nettie apologized again through her tears. “I’m sorry, I was so hungry. I don’t usually steal.” 

Jack ran his hand lightly over her hot skin. She felt more surprised by his gentle touch than by being hauled over his lap. Slowly he caressed her swollen globes until the sting dissipated into a dull ache. “I reckon you won’t steal again,” he murmured.

I don’t reckon she will either. She does, however, manage to get herself into plenty more trouble. But really, what fun would a spanking romance be if she didn’t? (By the way, he did feed her before this spanking.)

Happy hopping!

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