Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks Excerpt from New Book Coming Jan 7 – Missy Meets the Marshal

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to my blog for this week’s Saturday Spankings! I can’t wait to read everyone’s excerpts.

Today I’m sharing a snippet from my book Missy Meets the Marshal (how’s that for alliteration?), to be released January 7. But first, here’s what it’s about:

Elizabeth Matthews manages to escape her cruel husband and the clutches of the law, but they’re both in hot pursuit. Struggling to survive on the run, she finds herself in the last place she wants to be, the marshal’s office in the town of Porter, Texas, dragged there by an overzealous shopkeeper who accuses her of theft.

Marshal Grover Huntley can see that the destitute young woman draped in rags and trembling in front of his desk needs protection, and he feels the stirrings of compassion as well as the desire to hold the frightened woman in his arms. The more he questions her about her predicament, however, the more she lies, and he can’t do much to help if he doesn’t know what endangers her.

A spanking over his knee proves to her that he not only demands her honesty, but also that he cares to do more than send her on her way or throw the book at her. She tells him of her fears, but it’s what she doesn’t say that changes the course of their lives. Will the marshal be able to help when he learns of her connection to an enemy of his past, and will she learn to trust him as he works to save her from the mounting troubles that threaten her freedom and life?


She yelped. “This isn’t very romantic, Marshal, taking me like a bull takes a cow.”

He smacked her again. “Hush. This is how naughty girls who lie to the marshal get fucked.”

Her heartbeat quickened and her breath hitched at a particularly strong thrust. He filled her so completely, claiming with every movement that her body was his to ravage. She loved being his, if only for a short time.

“Are there other naughty girls, Marshal, or is it just me?” she inquired saucily.

He smacked her ass hard, once on each cheek, before fisting her hair and pulling her head back. Leaning over, he growled in her ear, “I only see one at the moment, darlin’, one whose mouth I’m about to gag. Now if you please, shut the fuck up while I’m fucking you.”

If you prefer something a tad sweeter (well, a lot sweeter, actually), you might like my already released book The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. Check it out!

Now on to some more sexy spanks.

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