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#SatSpanks “You liked getting spanked, didn’t you?”

Hey there, Saturday Spankings readers. Thanks for stopping by. I’m sharing an excerpt from Missy Meets the Marshal, which is out now!

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Missy Meets the Marshal

large_3663_missymarshall_500x755He stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and slid his fingers to the apex of her legs. He cupped her womanhood with his large, warm hand.

A primitive growl escaped his throat, and she felt his cock harden under her stomach. “You’re sopping wet, darlin’,” he said, his voice low with lust. “What a naughty little girl you are. You liked getting spanked, didn’t you?” He gave her pussy a light swat. “You needed to be taught a lesson over my knee.”

The little spank to her most sensitive place delivered a shot of arousal and ache. Beth felt her face flush at his words. “I didn’t like the spanking, Grover. It hurt,” she whimpered, feeling as helpless under his pleasuring hand as she had under his punishing one.

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  1. It may have hurt, and she may not have enjoyed it while it was happening, but afterwards is a different story. Isn’t it? Great snippet, Amelia.

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