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The Beast’s Woman by Jordan St. John

thebeastswomanCheck it out! Today Jordan St. John joins my blog to discuss his new release from Stormy Night Publications: The Beast’s Woman. There’s a spicy excerpt coming, but before that, let’s find out a little about the book.

About The Beast’s Woman

A string of strange disappearances in modern day New Orleans has the police baffled. The only clues are voodoo dolls left behind at the scenes of the abductions. Lucy McCall, an investigative reporter for the Times-Picayune, takes up the case when a close friend goes missing. In the course of her investigation, she forms an unlikely alliance with Jonathan Drake, a reclusive and mysterious stranger and owner of a secret nightclub devoted to the exotic pleasures of the BDSM underground. To Lucy, Drake is a fascinating cipher. He is unlike any man she has ever known, appearing to possess powers that permit him to change shape at will into a creature of inhuman strength, agility, and speed, but is as kind and decent a man as she has ever known.

Lucy cannot deny her growing attraction to Drake, and the attraction turns out to be mutual, but both realize they are tempting fate, for Drake’s power comes at an awful price. Drake’s inner demon must be fed by the twin sensations of pleasure and pain experienced by Drake’s mistresses through his application of the lash, strap or birch rod to their bare flesh. Despite Drake’s dark needs, or perhaps because of them, Lucy finds herself succumbing to the lure of the pleasures of Drake’s brand of lovemaking, and she and Drake join forces. The pair soon discover the voodoo connection is real, and they find themselves pitted against a supernatural foe who will stop at nothing, even murder, to achieve its ends. Their journey will take them into a heart of darkness, a place where demons dwell, and it will take every last ounce of courage, resolve and luck to prevail against the forces of evil.

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He broke the silence. “You’re an amateur—and utterly naive. Whatever game you are playing at, you are in way over your head. You need to go home like a good little girl and stay out of this.”

Lucy sputtered. “You can’t talk to me that way. I’ll have you know I’m a reporter for the Times. A good one.”

“You are a dilettante and you are about to be in serious trouble of a type you can’t imagine. Go home.”

Lucy tossed her head and set her jaw. “I’m not done looking around yet.”

The man stared her down. “You will either get out of here and go home, or I’ll put you over my knee and spank your little bottom raw, right here and now.”

What did he just say? Lucy froze at the threat. Spank her? The prospect of a humiliating spanking at the hands of this man flashed through her head as she saw herself rudely upended, bottom up. Then her ire rose. “Don’t you threaten me. I have as much right to be here as you. More, actually. You wouldn’t dare touch me.”

“Have it your way,” said the man as he advanced.

Lucy stumbled backwards and slipped. She fell on her back on the bed. The effigy popped out of her waistband where she had tucked it, and fell at the man’s feet.

“So,” he said, bending to pick it up. “You lied, and on top of that you were going to cart this off.” He shook his head. “I’m going to impart a valuable lesson here, one that might save your life. You will stay away from this place and everything connected to it.”

He reached for her. Lucy tried to scoot away, but he was too quick and too strong. He sat on the bed and flipped her across his knees.

“Noo!” Lucy shrieked, but the man was undeterred. The next thing she felt was her skirt being lifted and her tights being rucked down. Underneath she wore a thong. He left that in place at least.

For the next several minutes the apartment of Kiri Constantine rang out with the sounds of a sturdy male palm meeting bare female flesh. Crack after crack exploded across her rear. Lucy had never felt anything like it. Her bottom burned red hot with the repeated smacks. The spanks assaulted her rear cheeks with a relentless intensity, the sting in her bobbing fanny increasing with each meaty smack until she was sure that she’d burst into tears any moment.

She felt overpowered, helpless, and utterly humiliated. Bare bottomed, held face down over this man’s knee and powerless, she wriggled and fought, but he held her in an iron grip, seemingly effortlessly. As smack after smack assaulted her nearly bare behind, Lucy could do nothing but flutter her legs and wail.

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to locate my fan about now. That’s one hot excerpt! Here’s where you can go to buy and read the rest.

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All Romance
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Thanks for stopping by, Jordan!

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