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#SatSpanks: “Listen to what I say and obey it”

Today I’ve got an excerpt from my recently released book Fetching Charlotte Rose, and it describes the beginning of Charlotte’s first-ever spanking. When she gives Max attitude about his order to stay away from a man he knows to be evil, he decides he’s had enough of her lip and takes her over his knee. He goes pretty easy on her in this spanking, but Charlotte isn’t used to being disciplined and feels very vulnerable over his lap. He makes it clear right away where he draws the line when it comes to sassing him.

“I find your cheek and smart mouth quite adorable, to be honest, but when it comes to health and safety, I don’t wish to hear your tart replies or arguments. I want you to listen to what I say and obey it.”

He lifted her other petticoat. Only her thin drawers protected her tender seat. He settled his hand on her bottom, and she felt the same current of arousal she’d experienced earlier in the day when his thigh touched her knee, only this time the feeling was much, much stronger.

He gave her seat a few light pats and rubs. “Ten swats, Charlotte.”

The rubs heightened her arousal, but it was quickly replaced by alarm when he inflicted a punishing swat on her right cheek. She gasped with surprise. Before she could exhale, he landed another on her left. The emptiness of the schoolhouse allowed the swats’ echoes to ring in her ears as the sting spread over her bottom.


If you’d like to read a couple other excerpts from this book, please click here and here, and if I’ve really piqued your interest, perhaps you’d like to read the entire first chapter.

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7 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: “Listen to what I say and obey it”

  1. I’m sure Charlotte will soon realize Max means what he says, and though a little sass is acceptable, when he draws a line she’d best not step over it. Great excerpt, Amelia.


  2. And those swats will sound so much louder when they echo! Delicious. I can’t help but wonder whether she will learn to control that smart mouth, though 😉


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