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#SatSpanks: Please can you leave my drawers on?

Saturday Spankings-Shamrock Paddles

Last week, I shared a snippet from His Little Red Lily that will be released next weekend, and I’ve got another snippet from the same book today. Lily sure knows the quickest way to a spanking. When she’s not throwing hay at Jesse, she’s disobeying him. Luckily, he knows just what to do with a naughty girl. Enjoy.

After what seemed like an eternity of unrelenting swats, he paused. “Disobedient young ladies get spanked on their bare bottom. You disregarded an order meant to keep you safe, and that’s the worst kind of disobedience.” He pulled the ribbon of her drawers, loosening them from her waist.

Lily stiffened. She recalled the feeling of the earlier spanking on her bare skin, which caused a sting even without much force behind it. She wailed. “Please no, Jesse. You’re spanking me hard. It hurts enough, I promise. Please can you leave my drawers on?”

“Not this time, honey. I’m being hard on you for a reason.” He shoved the material to her ankles.

Like this excerpt? Read the entire first chapter here, or buy the book by clicking one of the following links:


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6 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Please can you leave my drawers on?

  1. What the hell have you done to me?I was very comfortable being the only spanked wife i know who never had an interest in cowboys…. it was working for me. and then you came along, and now I dream of stern men named Jesse. I really need you to write a contemporary, maybe starring an ER doc?


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