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#SatSpanks: Take your licking like a good girl

Saturday SpankingsToday for Saturday Spankings, I’ve got an excerpt from my book about a mountain man who lives a secluded life in the woods until a woman shows up uninvited. This book won’t be published for a month or so, but I thought I would share some of it with you in advance. Hope you like.

He gave her a hard swat on her sit spot, sending a jolt of pain and arousal straight to her core. She moaned at the pleasure his hand brought and parted her legs, wanting his ministrations to travel to her ache.

He understood the meaning of her movements. “Not yet,” he growled, landing two hard spanks. “Close your legs and take your licking like a good girl.”

Her face flushed and she pressed her thighs together.

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  1. Delicious. I’ve gotten to read this hot little treasure of a story- and no one will be disappointed with the story of these two characters and their dance of intimacy.

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