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The Barbarian’s Captive by Maddie Taylor

TheBarbariansCaptiveFinalI’m really excited to have Maddie visiting my blog today. I’ve been a fan of Maddie’s westerns for some time. Dominant, sweet cowboys and feisty heroines make for an entertaining read. Today, however, she’s here to discuss something a little different. It’s her latest book, which is a sci-fi. It has seriously been killing the Amazon charts, guys. I’m not surprised, since I’m sure she brought her flare for writing sexy characters and scenes into her latest work. So, what can you tell us about your new release, Maddie?

Thanks for having me over, Amelia.  And for allowing me to shamelessly pimp my latest release, The Barbarian’s Captive

I’ve always been a sci-fi fan, but never rose to the challenge of creating a whole new world and race before.  I gotta say, it was a blast.  None of that pesky research that I have to do for historical westerns, which makes it much easier.  I don’t have to worry about whether they have revolving doors in 1850 California when I write a line like “his bedroom was so busy it should have a revolving door.”  

And if I think up something wild and kinky that doesn’t exist, I can make it real in the future.  Like the mate’s helper, which is a naughty little spanking/BDSM device that…  Well, I shouldn’t spoil the excerpt I brought.  


She’s not going to make us wait any longer. Enjoy this punishment/pleasure scene from Maddie’s bestselling sci-fi!


As he moved closer, prepared to address her defiance and her language — again — she backed up into their bedroom, pacing him step by step, almost losing her balance as she tripped on the unique item of furniture behind her. She scowled at it as she righted herself, but she didn’t moderate her tone when she continued.  “That’s another thing.  What the heck is this weird contraption?” 

Something you are about to become intimately acquainted with. 

“We call that a mate’s helper.” 

She tilted her head and skeptically eyed the series of rods, bars and planks going in all different directions before she pulled her robe off the top of the contraption, where she’d draped it that morning.  Then as if bored with it, she tossed her robe over her arm and tried to move passed him. 

“I’m going to take a bath and cool down. Alone.” 

“Aren’t you curious?” he asked, keeping his tone measured.  

The sudden change seemed to take her aback a moment, but she retorted, “About an alien clothes butler?  We have those on earth.” She started to walk around him, but he caught her arm.  

“I’ve no idea what a butler is, but this piece of equipment is unique. In all my travels, I’ve never seen another like it.  I’m surprised you haven’t asked before now.” 

She glared at him, apparently not willing to sacrifice her fury at that moment, even for curiosity’s sake.  But as the seconds passed, the inquisitive scientist in her won out.  “Fine.  What is it?” 

“Allow me to demonstrate,” he offered, trying to rein in his own eagerness. He stepped up beside her.  “This must go, however.”  His fingers curled around her robe and slipped it free.  “And this lovely piece, as well.”  The wide straps at her shoulders slid down easily, as did her dress with the flick of his wrists.    

“Kerr!” she protested as he took her shoulders and steered her into place in front of the contraption.  His hands slid down her arms, his fingers curling firmly around her wrists as he pressed his body against her back, easing her even closer.  

“Helper, position three.” 

The weird wooden rack came to life at his order.  Startled, she tried to step back, but his long body didn’t give an inch.  As she watched in stunned surprise, two bars pressed up against her chest, one above and below her breasts, then they tightened, closing together like a vise until her breasts plumped out lewdly.  While this was going on up top, two wider slats slid between her thighs and moved outward at an angle until her feet left the ground, not stopping until her legs splayed wide. 

Too shocked to speak, she gaped down at herself in silent disbelief. 

“These newer models have auto-bands to restrain the limbs, but I prefer something cushioned against your skin and will use my own.”  As he spoke, he wrapped soft, well-padded cuffs around her wrists, then stooped to bind her ankles.  Once done, he stood, leaving her completely immobilized.  

“How—” she began, then cleared her throat.  “How is this crazy bondage device supposed to be a help to me?” 

He laughed, rounding the device until they were face to face.  His hands came up to caress her swollen breasts, firmly tweaking her distended nipples as he leaned in close, his mouth hovering above hers. “I’m the mate it’s intended to help, sprite.  Not you.” 

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About The Barbarian’s Captive

Light years from home, plant biologist Lt. Eva La Croix and her all-female exploration team land on a planet they believe is a perfect substitute for the dying Earth.  They are set upon by huge alien hunters and Eva is captured by the barbarian leader.  Tossed over his shoulder, she is carried back to camp, tethered to his bed, seduced by his touch, and claimed as his own.

In spite of her fear, she is captivated by the gorgeous, dominant male with his long gleaming black hair, smooth bronze skin, and glimmering golden eyes.  Expecting her full compliance, he strips her naked and prepares her for an intimate and very thorough inspection.  Horrified, Eva protests, but quickly learns defiance will be met with swift consequences, including a bare bottom spanking until he proves to her who is in command.

Deemed compatible, she and her teammates are whisked away to the barbarians’ world where they are mated to these powerful men.  While pampered and protected, the women are expected to submit to their male’s authority and breed their young.  Will Eva learn to adapt to their unusual beliefs and old-fashioned ways?  Can she sacrifice her independence and surrender to this dynamic, highly sexual alien male who has conquered her body, and perhaps her heart?  Or when escape is imminent, will she flee with the others, never to see him again and feel the rampant desire that now surges through her blood for her compelling barbarian mate?

Publisher’s note:  The Barbarian’s Captive is a romance novel containing sexual scenes, spanking, elements of BDSM, medical and anal play.  If this subject matter is offensive, please do not buy this book. 

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Thanks for stopping by, Maddie!

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