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#SatSpanks: Are you going to whip me?

detail_3605_TheUnbraidingOfAnnaBrown_200x300Today I’d like to share from my very first book, The Unbraiding of Anna Brown, about a hardened widower who awakens from grief when met by a sweet, headstrong young woman in need of some old-fashioned discipline. This scene is the aftermath of Carter finding Anna in the stall with his most dangerous stallion.

Leaning down, Carter kissed Anna on the forehead, which took her breath away almost as much as his next words.

“Stand up, Anna, and turn around.”

Her eyes widened. She stood slowly. He didn’t look angry anymore, but he was still holding the quirt. “Are you going to whip me?” she asked, her voice pitiful and far less brave than she would have liked.

“Yes, honey. Only twice, and not to punish you. It’s to communicate something very important, lest my leniency today gives you the wrong idea.”

She turned to face the wall. A few seconds later she felt the moderate sting of two smacks on her heavily clad bottom. She winced, but the strokes weren’t hard enough to make her cry out. Taking her arm, Carter guided her around to face him again.

“Think about that if you’re tempted to visit Tuck again. This is your first time doing something truly dangerous since you started working for me, so I don’t have it in me to be hard on you. However, I won’t hesitate to apply that whip thirty more times if you give me cause to fear for your safety again, and I’ll do it on your unfortunate bare bottom.”

About The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

Anna wanted a job but was unprepared for the emotional labor she would endure when she convinced Carter to hire her to keep house and mind his small son after the death of his wife. She discovers that the gentle, teasing demeanor she’d witnessed from the cowboy previously has been buried along with his wife, forcing her to contend with the glowering, ill-tempered man who snaps at her and doesn’t notice or appreciate her earnest efforts. She quietly suffers his apathy and impatience until a single snub pushes her to her breaking point, causing her to take drastic action to get his attention.

Carter didn’t expect such behavior from this sweet, innocent girl. It startles him out of his stupor long enough to feel his palm itching to connect with her naughty backside. He finds himself slowly drawn out of his grief and depression thanks to the gutsy, but kind female presence in his life.

Anna discovers that the return of the cowboy’s awareness and ability to care means he is on to her penchant for danger and recklessness, and he’s not having it. She finds herself getting the bare-bottomed spanking of her life, and feels loved by a man for the first time. Then he abruptly ends her employment. Anna flees, devastated and confused, and Carter knows he must straighten her—and the situation—out before he can claim the infuriating and enchanting woman as his wife.

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The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

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If you’d like to read the first chapter of this book, which is Book 2 in the Lone Star Love series but can be read as a standalone, please click here.

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