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#SatSpanks: I’ll take a switch to you

top100_claimedbythemountainmanToday I’m back with Trapper Jack and naughty Nettie from Claimed by the Mountain Man. Jack is an uncompromising man who finds himself falling for Nettie, a woman running from her past and doing all she can to remain independent. The following excerpt is a good example of both his fierceness and compassion when it comes to the runaway woman. Enjoy!

“Are you going to lie to me again, Nettie?” He gave her another hard swat to punctuate his question.

“No, Trapper Jack.”

“Good.” He moved his hand to the place where her bottom and thighs met and gave her two sharp swats on each side. “I’m growing quite fond of you. So much so that if you do anything to put yourself in danger again, I’ll take a switch to you.”

She gasped at that piece of information. He gathered a fistful of her short hair in his hand, lifted her head, and pointed it in the direction of a tree. “See that tree over there, the one with yellow leaves?”


“I’ll make you go cut a switch from it and I’ll wear it out on your bare backside. That’ll leave welts and stripes. You want me to do that to you, woman?”


“Then you listen to what I say and think twice about lying in the future. Got it?”

Claimed by the Mountain Man

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5 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: I’ll take a switch to you

  1. I’d say he definitely has her attention now. Question is, if she’s a runaway, what makes him think she won’t simply take off rather than risk a whipping from him? He must have other things he’s offered her that make that risk seem tiny in comparison. Love the snippet, Amelia.


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