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New Release! Corralling Callie #SatSpanks

corrallingcallie_fullI’m excited to share that I have a new release called Corralling Callie, a historical western romance with plenty of discipline/spanking. I loved writing these characters. Orphaned Callie has a tendency to lie, steal, and cause lots of trouble, but she is also quite endearing. Stagecoach driver Jude is just the man to deal with her unruly behavior and give her the love and discipline she’s always needed. Please enjoy this snippet.

“I’ll not have you running off, worrying me and delaying our trip.” Smack!

“I’ll stay with the others!” she promised in a wail.

“That you will, young lady.” He smacked the low curve of her bottom especially hard. “Otherwise, you’ll be spending the entire trip sitting on a smarting bottom. Is that what you want?”

“No,” she hiccupped, hating that tears were coursing down her face. She watched one drip on the ground next to Jude’s dusty boot. In addition to feeling pained, she also felt terribly angry and betrayed. She thought Jude was her friend, but instead of being friendly, he was giving her a very painful spanking. She thought he liked her, but he mustn’t think much of her at all if he felt inclined to cause her such agony.

Jude stopped spanking. He ran his hand over her scorched backside and rested it on her thigh. “One more thing. The senator is bellowing that you stole his pocket watch. I really don’t want to believe him.”

His touch felt gentle now, and she might have relaxed had it not been for his statement. Her heart sank, and she deeply regretted her impulsive theft. She searched for the words to say but couldn’t find them. Jude hadn’t exactly asked her if she’d taken the watch, and she certainly wasn’t going to offer him a confession, which as good as guaranteed more time in her current position. Callie remained silent, figuring that was the safest option.

Jude sighed heavily, then righted her skirts and planted her on her feet in front of him. He held her arms and studied her, frowning. “Think you can behave now?”

Callie shrugged out of his grasp and swiped at her tears with the backs of her hands. “I hate you.” The words were spoken hesitantly in a trembling voice. She worried the pronouncement might get her spanked again, but it was the only thing she wanted to say to him.

Jude’s eyebrows lifted. “You can hate me, darlin’. What you can’t do is disobey me.”

You can read other snippets from this book here, here, and here or buy it from one of the following retailers:

Corralling Callie

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