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#SatSpanks: A spanking fantasy

corrallingcallie_stripGood morning, and welcome to my contribution to Saturday Spankings. I’m sharing another snippet from Corralling Callie today; this time Callie is having a spanking fantasy as opposed to a real spanking. Jude has already given her a few punishment spankings, which she hated at the time, but now she finds herself fantasizing about them. If you’ve ever done the same, I think you’ll like what follows. Enjoy!

She imagined lying over his lap naked while his hand stroked the length of her body, from the nape of her neck down to her bottom and backs of her thighs. The spankings he’d given her had hurt at the time, but she liked remembering and fantasizing about them. Jude looked handsome even when he was angry—perhaps especially then. His dark eyes flashed and his firm jaw became impossibly harder. Then there was his voice when he scolded her before and during a spanking. It was deep and serious, yet still gentle, leaving her feeling both contrite and cared for at the same time.

She ran her hand up her inner thighs and squeezed her eyes shut as she imagined what would happen if she lost her temper and told Jude she hated him again. He would surely make good on his threat to spank her bare bottom.

“That’s it!” he would declare, peeling off his suede driving gloves and slapping them on the table. Her mind’s eye watched him cross the room to the bed with thunderous strides. He sat down and crooked his finger. “Come here, young lady. It’s time for that spanking I promised you.” His voice was stern, but she saw a twinkle in his eye.

She took slow steps in his direction. His hands looked so big, each one splayed over a denim-clad knee. Standing in front of him, she gazed at him sorrowfully and covered her behind with her palms. “I didn’t mean it, Jude. Are you going to spank me hard?”

If this tickles your fancy, you might enjoy reading more excerpts from Corralling Callie or the entire first chapter on my blog.

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