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#SatSpanks: I expect you to obey my orders

Saturday Spankings

Enjoy this snippet from my WIP, Emma’s Surrender. I can’t wait until I can share the rest with you! This hero is Dominant with a capital D.


He narrowed his eyes. His features became hard and she struggled not to drop her eyes under his heated gaze. “Do you think being bratty and demanding is the best approach to take with me?”

His words angered her further. “Do you think keeping me in the dark is the best approach to take with me?”

“Actually, yes, I do.” Nathan picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth, then dropped it on the table and scooted his chair back. “Come here.” He snapped his fingers and pointed to the spot next to his right leg.

Just like that her anger evaporated, replaced by anxiety. “Why?” she asked in a small, whining voice.

“Because I ordered you to. I expect you to obey my orders, remember?”

She stared at him, wide-eyed and worried.

“One…” His voice was soft and level, but screamed danger.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, her anxiety growing.


Emma didn’t know how high he intended to count, or what would happen if he reached his intended number, nor did she know what he was going to do with her once she walked to him, but she decided it was safest to obey immediately. She stood and hustled to him before he said “three.”

He pointed at the ground. “Kneel.”


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5 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: I expect you to obey my orders

  1. I really hate it when they start counting. It never results in anything good, especially if they reach their “number,” which is usually no higher than three. I’d be worried too, if I were in her place.


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