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#SatSpanks: What do you think I’m doing? I’m spanking you.

Saturday Spankings

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling a bit in awe of the response to my last blog post, in which I shared that Facebook banned “Amelia Smarts” permanently. I have received so many nice messages of support from readers and fellow authors, and someone started a petition to lift the ban. I imagine that Facebook’s action is striking close to home, since if it could happen to me, it could happen to many other authors of erotica. Thank you so much for reaching out. It means a lot!

And now, let’s get to one of my favorite topics: spanking! I have an excerpt to share from my WIP, Emma’s Surrender. Enjoy.


Walking back to where they’d been sleeping, he sat down and said firmly, “Come here.” He pointed at the ground in front of him where she had been lying in discomfort previously.

She gritted her teeth and walked to him. Although she loathed the man, it appeared she wouldn’t be able to kill him that night and she didn’t want to freeze to death. The heat from his body would ensure her survival. When she lay down, her captor immediately rolled her onto her stomach. He pressed his hand against her lower back, pinning her to the ground.

“What are you doing?” she screeched, as his palm connected a swat to her bottom.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he responded, smacking her again. He increased the tempo and smacked back and forth again and again on each cheek. “You pulled a gun on me, so I’m spanking you.”

I would say that’s a good reason for a spanking, wouldn’t you? Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks again for all of the support. I’ll leave you with one of the images that got me in trouble with Facebook. It’s just too damn sexy!

His hand on her head--lovely

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17 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: What do you think I’m doing? I’m spanking you.

  1. Great excerpt. Yep. Pretty sure pulling a gun on a Dom will always end up in a punishment of one kind or another.

    Hope you are holding up. Miss you on FB and hope things get sorted out so you can return soon .


  2. So sad for your troubles, I think we all need to learn from this not to put all our eggs in the FB basket. We need to diversify through other media resources so, if FB gets a wild hair and does unto others, we are not cut off from the other authors we rely on so much, and from our fans and readers who is why we have a presence on FB for in the first place. So not right!

    On a spanking snippet note, you had me at “he sat down and said firmly, “Come here.” ” Yum. If he had crooked his finger I would have had to take a fresh panty break. LOL


    1. Yeah, I agree it’s important to diversify. For me, the worst part of not being on FB is not knowing what other authors are up to and what readers are reading. I don’t know if any of my so-called marketing was actually working, but I felt connected.

      The finger crook is elsewhere in the book. I don’t think I could write a book without it now! Haha!


  3. LOL! Yeah, I suspect pulling a gun on your Dom is sufficient reason for a spanking. I feel for the girl, but I suspect she deserved whatever she’s getting. Love the snippet, Amelia.

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  4. You know, sometimes there are times when you wonder, as a reader, whether the punishment is a little too severe to fit the crime… But this isn’t one of those times! Lol. If she pulled a gun on him, she deserves what she gets!

    What a great snippet!! Can’t wait for this one!


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