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#SatSpanks: I’m willing to blister your bottom

theunbraidingofannabrown_seriesGood morning! I’m going old school this morning and breaking out an excerpt from my very first spanking book, The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. The reason for this step back into the past is because the Audible version of Unbraiding has just been released. I listened to it, and the narrator Delynn Campbell is fantastic. He sounds just how I pictured Carter’s voice — serious and deep. Although this is the second book in my Lone Star Love series, it is completely standalone.

Enjoy this excerpt from smack-dab in the middle of a spanking scene.

“You’ve chosen an odd time to be stubborn. Sounds to me like you need your bottom to be a whole lot sorer than I’d originally intended.”  The swats rained down hard and fast.  “And believe me, I’m more than willing to blister your bottom if that’s what you need. Is that what you need, young lady?”

He ignored her protests and denials as he collected her wandering wrist in his left hand, pinned it to her side, and held her body tight against his. She couldn’t move an inch. 

He leaned over and said his next words close to her ear, “This isn’t a game, and I won’t tolerate you messing around when you’re being disciplined. Do you hear me? You’re about to learn a very painful lesson about what happens when you misbehave over my lap.” 

He punished her then, the swats different from before. Every spank was solid, severe, and followed by another at lightning speed. Five landed one on top of the other where her left cheek met her thigh. He applied the same punishment to her right cheek. She screamed for him to stop after the first two painful strokes then let out a long wail that lasted throughout the rest.

After the tenth swat, he stopped and asked for a third time, “Why won’t I tolerate your reckless behavior?” His grip on her remained firm.

If you’re interested in listening to the rest, you can find the audio version on Audible and Amazon.

If you’re like me and prefer to read as opposed to listen to your stories, the eBook is available in these places:

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

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