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#SatSpanks: Christmas with Callie

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Good morning! It’s time for Saturday Spankings, and what great timing because my little novella Christmas with Callie is now available. If you’ve read Corralling Callie, the characters will be familiar to you, since it’s a sequel, but the novella can easily be read as a standalone.

christmas-with-callie-bigAbout Christmas with Callie

Growing up a poor orphan without family or connections, Callie has always relied on telling tall tales to sound impressive and get herself out of scrapes. Now that she’s married to Jude, a loving but stern husband, she feels more secure and less inclined to brag and lie. Old habits die hard, however, and she finds herself unwilling to admit to her new husband that she can’t cook, even as Christmas approaches and people plan to join them for supper at their ranch.

Callie thinks she’s pulling a fast one on Jude. Every day she walks the mile to town, purchases two dinners to go from the restaurant, and returns home to lay out the meal before Jude returns home from the range. Every evening as they dine together, she explains in detail how she has cooked each item on the plate.

Jude is aware of his wife’s deception and hopes she’ll come clean instead of requiring discipline to correct her behavior but, after weeks of the cooking ruse, he determines that enough is enough and his bride is due a sound spanking. Just when it seems that all has been set straight, an enemy from their journey west makes a second appearance in their lives, accusing Callie of theft. She vehemently denies her involvement. Will Jude be able to protect Callie from getting in trouble with the law, considering the mounting evidence against her? And will Callie learn how to cook in time to make Christmas with Callie a success?

Note: This story is a standalone sequel to Corralling Callie containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline in the form of spankings.


“Did I say you could turn your head?” he asked.

She faced the wall again. “You didn’t say I couldn’t,” she mumbled defiantly.

He sighed and walked toward her. Once he reached her, he peppered her bottom with stinging smacks with the spoon, which caused her to yelp and buck against the corner. She hadn’t expected the swats to feel so sharp and painful right away, but the wet spoon packed a stinging wallop.

“Running your sassy mouth isn’t going to help you, young lady. You’re being disciplined, and I expect respectful responses. Is that clear?” He landed a final hard swat that made her dance from one foot to the other.

“Yes!” she cried.

“Yes, what?”

She let out a breath, puffing up the hair on her forehead. “Yes, sir.” She wanted to turn around and stick her tongue out at him, but she wisely refrained.

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7 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: Christmas with Callie

  1. Wow – this delivers so much in few paragraphs. Love it.
    I’m going to download Christmas With Callie but I’m not going to read it until I’ve read Corralling Callie. Santa ordered me a PRINT Corralling Callie this week. I’m waiting for it eagerly.


  2. I saw that Christmas with Callie was released a few hours ago. So I went and downloaded it. Thank you so much Amelia for the free book and for writing it. I LOVED IT!!! I love how Jude’s character is so strong, level headed and caring. Even with all of Callie’s doubts, insecurities and past experiences that still haunt her. Callie character is just adorable, mischievous and witty. She tries so hard to please and acclimate to being a wife. There are always so many lines in your books that for me just stand out. There are many messages that I take away from them. “Callie, darling, do you know how much I love you, exactly as you are.” ❤


    1. Nanette, you totally just made my day! I too find Callie adorable. I loved writing about her getting into mischief and having Jude rise to the challenge of dealing with her in a loving way. Thank you so much for reading it and commenting! ❤


      1. Amelia, you made my day too! Nothing better at this time of year to enjoy a heartwarming, spankin’ short story. Your very welcome. 🙂


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