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Spanking: It’s supposed to hurt #SatSpanks

Saturday SpankingsGood morning, and welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop. I’ve got a snippet from my book Missy Meets the Marshal, about a woman who’s in trouble meeting the man who can help her. His help comes with an expectation of honesty, though, and of course Missy learns this the hard way.

Her distress didn’t move him. “You’re getting spanked for your blarney and lies, Missy. I want it to sting. You had several chances to avoid being punished, but you ignored every last one, didn’t you?”

She whimpered in response, and he landed more swats, this time again and again on the sensitive areas where her bottom curved into her thighs.

“Ow! Please! Please no more,” she cried. She hoped after each smack and before the next that it was the last of his chastisement, but he didn’t seem to be in any great hurry to settle his hand.

He spoke while spanking her. “I’ll tell you something, Missy. Listen carefully. I know this hurts, and it’s supposed to hurt, but it’s just a spanking and the sting doesn’t last. It’s the only way I’ll ever punish you. I’m the marshal of this town, but to you I’m Grover. I won’t use the law against you. You’re afraid of something like that, aren’t you? That’s why you don’t wish to be honest with me?” He landed several more stinging swats before pausing to hear her response.

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7 thoughts on “Spanking: It’s supposed to hurt #SatSpanks

  1. Well, thanks a lot, now I need a cold shower before going out to hang my Christmas lights, In Indiana in December- that snip is THAt hot.


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