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Rough sex and spanking #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Shamrock PaddlesGood morning! I’ve got a steamy spanking excerpt to share with you this morning.  The characters make for a fun ride. The hero wants a diligent, virginal bride who is a good cook with a sweet disposition, but the heroine is a hotheaded, unwed mother who burns bacon and takes frequent naps. When these two get together, sparks fly! Here’s a glimpse:

A particularly hard thrust caused her to cry out loudly, so Adam reached around and clamped his hand firmly over her mouth. “Hush, woman. The whole world doesn’t need to know you’re getting your naughty little cunt fucked.”

She moaned and tried to speak behind his hand, but he kept it in place while he continued to thrust his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly she bit one of his fingers, not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause his reflexes to jerk his hand away from her mouth. He slowed his movements.

“You bit me,” he said, both amused and a little surprised.

“Maybe,” came the cheeky response.

He laughed and pulled out of her.

She snarled in protest. “What are you doing?”

In answer to her question, he pressed her hips down to the bed again and spanked her hard and fast, over and over. When she screamed after the fifth stroke of his punishing hand, he shoved her face into the quilt. “I told you to muffle that racket,” he growled. “If you don’t, I’ll put you straight to bed after this spanking. No release.”

She wailed, sounding dismayed at the threat.

“You’re going to learn restraint and self-discipline, woman, or you’re going to be restrained and disciplined by me. You got that?”

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4 thoughts on “Rough sex and spanking #SatSpanks

  1. Sometimes remaining quiet just isn’t in the program. Maybe next time he’ll take her to a place where she can make all the noise she wants. It is a sign of awareness after all, and sometimes even appreciation. I also like the fact he is amused by her small show of defiance.

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