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New Release! Handling Susannah #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings

My new book, Handling Susannah, is out! This was quite the journey for me, since it’s the first book I’ve self-published. But I think “self” is a bit of a misnomer, as it was definitely a team effort. I had wonderful beta readers, editor, graphic artist, PA, ARC readers, and author friends who all helped me. I’m very thankful that it’s up on Amazon and available to all. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and on sale for $2.99 until Tuesday for everyone else. Please go grab your copy!

Handling Susannah

Now on to the fun part. Here’s an excerpt!

This sight of her naked and pinned, accepting discipline with nary a word of complaint, fed his need to claim and dominate her. “You’ll accept my leadership in the future. I’ve shown you I’m capable of taking care of this family and the ranch, and that’s what you need, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Adam. I need it so much,” she choked out.

He spanked her again. “And the next time I make a decision you don’t like, what will you do?”

“I’ll obey you,” she moaned.

“You certainly will. And what about that temper of yours?”

“I’ll keep it in check.”

He smacked her hard twice. “You’d better, young lady, if you like sitting occasionally.”

Handling Susannah

Read the full description and first chapter of Handling Susannah.


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5 thoughts on “New Release! Handling Susannah #SatSpanks

  1. She’s taking this much better than I would, even if she is only saying exactly what she knows he wants (or demands) to hear. Love the snippet, Amelia.


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