Best Spanking Romance of 2016

Hello readers, just a quick note. I found out that my books and I have been nominated in four categories for Best Spanking Romance of 2016, as follows:


Best sweet spanking romance: Fetching Charlotte Rosespanking-romance-nomineeBest historical western spanking romance: Claimed by the Mountain Manspanking-romance-nomineeBest cover: Emma’s Surrender (by Korey Mae Johnson)spanking-romance-nominee

If you wish, you can submit your vote here: http://app.getresponse.com/survey.html?u=BYKiN&survey_id=725905. My books appear in the categories on the second page.

The competition is tough, and winning is unlikely! I’m definitely thrilled at having been nominated, though, so here’s a big thank you to whoever submitted my books for consideration. It put a giant smile on my face.

Spanks and kisses,


Permanent Facebook Ban (part 2)

Greetings! As you know if you follow this blog, Facebook banned my Amelia Smarts profile permanently. But, I’m back. You’ll notice that I’m wearing new clothes, but hopefully you’ll still recognize me. Let’s be friends if we aren’t already.

I’m not sure who, but some brilliant person had the idea for one of my friends to start a Friends of Amelia Smarts page. Why is this brilliant? Because it can’t be annihilated like what happened to my last page as a result of being connected to my Amelia Smarts profile that was banned. Now that I’m back on Facebook (wearing new clothes), my friend made me an admin of this new page. I can add pictures, share book releases, and generally control everything that happens on it. However, if for some reason Facebook decides it doesn’t like me and my new clothes and bans my new profile, the page will still exist because I don’t technically own it.

Smart, right? I thought so!

I’m still kind of pissed that I can’t have an Amelia Smarts profile on Facebook, but I do like my new name. Anyone who speaks Spanish will appreciate the sound of it. Say it out loud and it sounds like “mi amor,” which is Spanish for “my love.” That is what my husband calls me, and that makes it an authentic name in my opinion. 😉

Anyway, thank you all for actually caring that I got banned. I don’t know if my being on Facebook really helps with marketing my books, but I do know that since I joined this community a year or so ago, I feel like I’m home. I know that might sound weird to many, but the way I see it–I finally connected with people who love to read, write, and spank! It’s just awesome, really, and I’m thrilled to be back. As a token of my appreciation, I’ll leave you with this spanking picture, which offended Facebook’s sensibilities. Enjoy.

Jeans down, bottom up


Permanent Facebook Ban

Good morning, and thanks for visiting my blog. I wanted to share some news. I know people have noticed that I’m not on Facebook anymore, and today I received confirmation that Facebook has permanently disabled my Amelia Smarts account.

First, Facebook challenged me to prove that Amelia Smarts is an authentic name. I went through all the steps to authenticate the name and succeeded using RWA PAN membership and royalty statements, but after I did all that, Facebook decided to ban me anyway for violating community standards because of images I posted. What was supposed to be a seven-day ban turned into a lifetime ban. So, learn from my mistake: Don’t post spanking pics!

I don’t have the option to appeal, and it doesn’t look like I can fool my way back in, like using “Amelia Smarts Author,” for instance. The Facebook bots picked up on it when I tried. I’m not sure where this leaves me. Right now I just feel sad, since I feel like I’ve lost a lot–a community of friends, a platform for sharing my books, and more. I’m not sure how well I can market my books without Facebook, so that kind of scares me, although I do know of some very successful authors in our community who don’t have Facebook profiles. If anyone has advice or a word of encouragement, I would greatly appreciate you reaching out. My email address is amelia_smarts@yahoo.com.

To everyone who reads my books, thank you! Since I’m no longer on Facebook, I hope you will follow my author page on Amazon to get updates when I have a new release, or of course you can keep in touch using this blog.

Spanks and kisses,

Update: Someone started a petition to get Amelia Smarts back into Facebook. So cool. Check it out!