Old West Romance

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown by Amelia Smarts

detail_3605_TheUnbraidingOfAnnaBrown_200x300Anna wanted a job but was unprepared for the emotional labor she would endure when she convinced Carter to hire her to keep house and mind his small son after the death of his wife. She discovers that the gentle, teasing demeanor she’d witnessed from the cowboy previously has been buried along with his wife, forcing her to contend with the glowering, ill-tempered man who snaps at her and doesn’t notice or appreciate her earnest efforts. She quietly suffers his apathy and impatience until a single snub pushes her to her breaking point, causing her to take drastic action to get his attention.

Carter didn’t expect such behavior from this sweet, innocent girl. It startles him out of his stupor long enough to feel his palm itching to connect with her naughty backside. He finds himself slowly drawn out of his grief and depression thanks to the gutsy, but kind female presence in his life.

Anna discovers that the return of the cowboy’s awareness and ability to care means he is on to her penchant for danger and recklessness, and he’s not having it. She finds herself getting the bare-bottomed spanking of her life, and feels loved by a man for the first time. Then he abruptly ends her employment. Anna flees, devastated and confused, and Carter knows he must straighten her – and the situation – out before he can claim the infuriating and enchanting woman as his wife.


The Unbraiding of Anna Brown


Carter hung the lamp on a nail, and the barn glowed with soft yellow light. She watched as he pulled an alfalfa hay bale down to the ground from the top of the stack, pushed it into place with his boot tip, and took a seat. Tuck nickered at them, and for a moment Anna felt embarrassed that Tuck was going to witness this. She let out a nervous giggle when she realized how ridiculous that was.

Carter was rolling his right shirtsleeve to above his elbow. He glanced up at her. “Best not to laugh before punishment, Anna.”

“I wasn’t.”

Carter shook his head. “It’s best not to lie before punishment either. Get over my lap.”

She took a deep breath. She wanted this, she reminded herself, though she couldn’t exactly recall why at that very moment. With Carter’s guidance, she laid herself across his hard thighs and scooted into a comfortable position. She was glad he couldn’t see her face, which she was positive was the color of a tomato. Her braids hung down and the ends touched the dust and hay on the ground. Carter anchored his left hand around her waist and settled his right hand on her bottom. His hands on her body sent desire coursing through her. How could she want something so much and be so afraid at the same time?

She didn’t have time to think about it. Carter brought his hand down and gave her a sound swat. He did it again, a bit harder. He applied seven more swats before he stopped. She remained quiet and motionless.

“Have you ever been punished with a spanking before, Anna?”

“No, sir,” she said.

“I didn’t think so. I’m not sure you would have suggested it otherwise.”

Anna shifted in his lap. “I can’t remember why I wanted you to do this. I, I feel scared,” she stammered.

“That’s natural. You should feel a little scared.” He gave her a firm pat. “But you don’t have too much to worry about. Now if being adorable was wrong, you’d be in for a real thrashing. You wouldn’t sit for a week.”

Anna’s stomach fluttered.

Carter gave her another spank. “And if being a good kisser was a sin, I’d strap you with my belt until you begged for mercy. And then I would whip you harder.”


The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

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