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Loving Liam by Alyssa Bailey

loving liamLoving Liam by Alyssa Bailey is out now! It’s the third in the O’Connor Series that follows the relationship of Liam and Jocelyn.

About Loving Liam

Just when newly married Jocelyn thought life could not get any better things began to crumble around her. She and Liam live an idyllic life on a prosperous ranch in the corner of the Bitterroot Mountains. Jocelyn knows better, but she has a secret that she’s keeping from Liam that threatens their happy existence and she knows what her traditional husband thinks about secrets. Is it worth the risk?

Jocelyn is the wife that Liam has longed for, right down to allowing him his old-fashioned way of dealing with things when she steps too far out of bounds. But she has trouble trusting him with everything. And now, something is not right and when he discovers how wrong things are, he is not sure how to handle his wife’s betrayal or if he even can.

After waiting ten years to finally have the life they have longed for, will Jocelyn choose to throw it all away to keep her secrets safe?

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Free Excerpt from Loving Liam

She reached over to Liam, took his hands in hers. She said through her tears, not able to look at him, “Liam, I don’t want a nap, it won’t help.”

She looked up at him, hoping he could take it from there, but he didn’t, he just sat there as though contemplating the right answer. Or he was waiting for her to make the right decision she didn’t know which.

Dragging a breath in and blowing it out, she said, “Liam, what were you thinking when you called and I told you I was going to wait out the weather?”

Liam sat a moment and then murmured, “I was going to thrash you within an inch of your life for getting stuck when I was clear about not going for just that reason.” Liam’s answer was clear and straightforward.

“And how did you feel when you heard I had hydroplaned?” Jocelyn knew she was building her case for a warm bottom but needed to do it on so many levels, for Liam’s sake but mostly hers.

“I was worried, but I was fuming. You were going to wear my belt when I got to you.”

Jocelyn sucked in her breath. Could she bring him back to the same conclusion? He always used his hand. A belt? Lord, please let him have calmed down enough to use his hand.

“How about now?” she couldn’t look at him.

“Honey, I didn’t expect it to upset you so much. I’m sorry I was so angry.”

“So you think it was your fault?”

“I could have handled it better.”

“Ugh. I am crying because I am upset. I want to feel good about us again.”

“Sweetheart, we are always going to be good.”

She stood up and flung the pillow she had in her hand across the room and yelled at him.

“Liam! We are not good, damn it. You have not spoken to me in the Irish almost since we came into this room. You have used English only. I know you are not happy with me and things are not straight with us because you use the Irish when they are. You are my husband, and my husband spanks for safety. He expects obedience in things like this. This person you are trying to be is not him. Please, please, just fix this for us.”

Jocelyn began to cry again, her eyes so puffy she was having trouble seeing out of them. He handed her a handkerchief from his drawer before he seemed to make a decision.

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About Alyssa Bailey

Alyssa Bailey is a dyed in the wool Texan living in the beauty of Southeast Alaska with her husband, her youngest four (of eleven) children, two dogs and two cats. Her first memory of books was when her mother read to her as a small child. She began writing as soon as she could put letters together to form words. Her first story at the age of six was about a performing horse that ran away from the circus. As she got older and read more of a variety of books, she would say, “I can do better than that” and then rewrite them in her head. She was writing fanfiction before fanfiction was a ‘thing’.

In high school and college, she won journalism and special recognition for her academic and fictional writing. Alyssa is a firm believer in all things spanking. She loves writing about domestic discipline and power exchanges between strong, intelligent women who are not afraid to make a stand and men confident enough to give them their space but Alpha enough to keep his woman safe, in spite of herself. Her characters predominately live in Regency England amongst lords and ladies, in the contemporary realm amongst men and women of the world, and all things Cowboy. Contact her, she loves to chat, and as always, have a Spankolicious day!

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Twitter: @blushingalyssa
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