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#SatSpanks Another Excerpt from Missy Meets the Marshal

Saturday Spankings

Howdy, y’all! I’ve got another excerpt from Missy Meets the Marshal, which will be released Jan. 7. Enjoy.

She shifted her weight to one foot and looked down. “I’ve told you most everything important already. My name is Beth Jones. I’m a poor woman with no kin except for my daughter. My husband was killed last year, and ever since I’ve been struggling to make it on my own.”

About half of that was true, and she hoped it would satisfy the marshal. It didn’t. Before Beth knew what was happening, she found herself stripped of the towel and lying naked across his hard thighs. She gasped when she understood his intent.

With one hand he held her body against his. His other hand smacked her bare bottom, her skin still soft and damp from the bath. The swat sent a resounding crack into the air, and the force of it took her breath away. She wasn’t able to recover her breath before he landed another. And another. He spanked her ten times before he stopped. She panted when she was finally able to breathe.

“What’s your name again, Missy? The truth this time.”

If you’re in the mood for a sweet western love story with some old-fashioned discipline, check out my already released book The Unbraiding of Anna Brown. It’s been getting great reviews on Amazon.

Now go to The Saturday Spankings Blog to read other authors because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to insert the list of participants here (sowwy).

13 thoughts on “#SatSpanks Another Excerpt from Missy Meets the Marshal

  1. Ooh! He can see right through her, can’t he? I suspect she’ll have to start learning to tell the truth or her poor backside is going to be suffering the consquences!! Yum! 🙂


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