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#SatSpanks: A naughty girl needs her bottom smacked

Hello! Today I’m sharing something from my book titled His Little Red Lily. Enjoy!

Lily hid in the loft above him. When Jesse walked past, she dropped an armful of hay on him. She squealed with delighted laughter as the heap landed squarely over his head and shoulders. He came to a dead stop. Slowly, he brushed the hay off the sleeves of his starched white shirt. He said nothing as he removed his hat and slapped it against his knee to shake off the hay and dust from it.

She was still giggling when he glared up at her and said, “You’re getting spanked for that.”

She stopped laughing and her eyes rounded. “But it was only a joke.”

“Mm hmm. A naughty joke, by a naughty little girl who needs her bottom smacked. Get down here.”

Like this excerpt? Read the entire first chapter here, or buy the book by clicking one of the following links:


His Little Red Lily

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14 thoughts on “#SatSpanks: A naughty girl needs her bottom smacked

    1. Ask and you shall receive! The snippet, cont’d.

      “No! I won’t come down unless you promise not to spank me.”

      “You will get down here, and you’ll be right quick about it. You have five seconds. One…”

      She huffed. “What happens if you count all the way to five?”

      Jesse didn’t really know, but he managed to sound ominous in his threat. “You’d best avoid finding out, little miss. Two…”

      Lily scrambled to the ladder. Jesse held it steady while she climbed down. When he could reach her, he wrapped an arm around her waist and plucked her off the step. He easily carried her squirming little body against his and strode to a bench, where he sat and toppled her over his lap.

      “I thought you liked my jokes!” she protested as he tossed up her skirts.

      “I do,” he said, grasping her drawers and shoving them to her knees. “That doesn’t change the fact that you need a spanking.” He gave her bottom a sound swat, relishing in the look and feel of her smooth, bare skin that bounced against his hand and took on a blushing pink color from the very first smack. “You’re very naughty. That means you’re going to have a sore bum more often than not, I’m afraid.”

      She squirmed as he landed more moderate swats. “Someone’s got to keep you in line, and I guess that’s got to be me.”

      She giggled suddenly, then clamped her hand over her mouth.

      “I heard that,” he said in a mock stern voice. “What do you find so funny about getting a spanking?”

      “It’s just that…” She dissolved into laughter again.

      “I’m waiting,” he said, struggling not to smile. He rubbed her bottom and legs while he waited for an answer.

      “It’s just that this spanking doesn’t hurt at all.” She laughed again.

      “I see.” He landed another swat. “That can change in a jiffy, you know. Do you want it to hurt?”


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