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Surrender to Me by BJ Wane

SurrenderToMeToday I’ve got BJ Wane visiting my blog for the first time! She has an amazing three-book series out called Virginia Bluebloods with Blushing Books, and people are buying them like crazy. You’ll see why after you read the wonderfully crafted excerpt from her latest book, Surrender to Me (Virginia Bluebloods Book 3). But first, let’s learn a little bit more about it.

About Surrender to Me

For six months, Shea Murphy has been moving from city to city, attempting to distance herself from her failure as both a sub and wife following her husband’s suicide.  With the loss of her master’s strict discipline to keep her obsessive compulsive disorder under control, she’s finally driven to seek relief with another Dom.  After two sessions with Master Fin, her urge to flee Richmond subsides and she takes a temporary job at a restaurant.

Fin O’Dell returns after a week out of town to find the sub he couldn’t forget was now his newest employee.  Catching her stressing in his kitchen after closing, his quick response of another blistering spanking gives her the relief she needs.

As Shea succumbs to Fin as a Master a little more each day, she struggles with her perceived guilt over her husband’s suicide, refusing to believe Fin’s insistence Gerard was not the man, or the Dom she thought he was.  When the truth comes out, has Shea waited too long to trust her new Master?


Long hair so light it appeared almost white caught his eye as soon as he opened the door. Sitting at the bar with her back to him, her hair hung in a thick wave past her shoulders, the striking color the only feature he could see of his guest. He knew the club members still visiting in quiet conversation and stopped to have a few words with several on his way to the bar and the only person in the room he didn’t know. He let his arm brush hers as he stepped up to the bar but he was the one startled when she turned dark, violet eyes up to him; expressive eyes so filled with need it was all he could do to keep from hauling her into the playroom and giving her what she was begging for. Tony set a soft drink in front of her, drawing both of their attention.

“Your usual, Master Fin?” Tony asked him with a smirk.

“Thank you, Tony,” he replied, ignoring his taunting smile. Hell, he deserved the insolence for being struck dumb by a pair of eyes the color of his birthstone, amethyst.  “Welcome to The Warehouse,” he told the attractive blonde who looked up at him with those wide, wary but interested eyes. Fuck but he loved that look. “I’m Master Fin.  And you are?”

Shea saw the same man she glimpsed out in the parking lot, her reaction to an up close, personal look even stronger. His low sexy drawl with a hint of an Irish lilt sent shivers up her spine and heat curling low in her abdomen, a long lost but not forgotten response to a man whom she knew had the potential to rock her world. Seated, her head was level with his lower abdomen and she couldn’t help but notice the flogger clipped to his side when she averted her uncomfortable gaze.  That shiver grew stronger, the heat hotter as she recalled with vivid recollection the sting and warmth braided leather strands could produce and how the two sensations used to give her something else to obsess over besides her constant, irrational thoughts.  Holding out her hand, she replied, “Shea, Shea Murphy.” Shrewd green eyes never left her face as he squeezed her hand, catching her uncontrollable wince when he pressed her infected finger.

Frowning, Fin inspected her fingers, noticing the puffy redness of her index finger right away. “What happened here, darlin’?” The tip was warm when he pressed his lips to it.

Shea sucked in a deep breath, jerking her hand out of his. “Bad habit is all.” Her stomach took that moment to make its empty displeasure known, the sound turning the assessing look in those observant eyes to a humorous twinkle. His wicked grin added charm to his rugged face and sent the heat pooling in her stomach straight down to her pussy.

“Is skipping meals another bad habit of yours, Shea Murphy?” 

The casual way he tipped his head back and took a long swallow of his beer didn’t fool her.  Those alert, too knowing eyes never left her face and had her squirming in her seat. Reaching for her Pepsi, she took a long drink, the sweet bubbles tickling her dry throat. When she lowered her glass, he was still waiting for an answer, just watching her with his head cocked and that gleam in his eyes. His tolerant, patient look and stance reminded her of those first months with Gerard, how he’d look and wait for her just like that, long before he lost patience with her disorder, and her.

I love the chemistry between these two. Smoldering!

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Although Surrender to Me is a standalone story, there are two others that come before it in the series that you might be interested in:

Blindsided (Virginia Bluebloods Book 1)


Bind Me to You (Virginia Bluebloods Book 2)


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