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Steamy excerpt from Daddy’s Demands

I’m thrilled to be part of the boxed set Daddy’s Demands, which includes 25 all-new stories from some of your favorite kinky authors. Here’s an excerpt from my contribution, “Finding Her Place.” Hope you enjoy!

While stopped at a red light, he squeezed her knee and said in an authoritative, no-nonsense voice, “Hand me your panties, Kayla.”

She let out a little gasp, but she did not attempt to argue. Instead, she hiked up her little black dress, took hold of her waistband and shimmied out of her red bikini panties in no time at all. She is perfect, he thought.

As he stuffed her panties into his pants pocket, he said, “I want you to think about how bare your bottom is tonight. Be aware of it with every step, feel the fabric of your dress rubbing against your skin. When you sit on the cushion of the booth at the restaurant, think about how exposed your pussy is, how at any moment I can reach over and touch you and check for wetness.”

She blushed and looked over at him with such a naughty glint in her eye that he almost pulled over and took her right there. Yes, she was submissive, through and through. It made the daddy dom aspect of his personality roar to life. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so excited to be on a date.

While they ate and drank wine, Kayla shifted in her seat, obviously aware the entire time at how exposed she was. He laid his hand on her knee and stroked her leg upward toward the naked spot between her legs.

“Relax, sweetheart,” he instructed.

Her movements settled. “Why did you make me take my panties off?” she whispered, blinking at him with a needy, innocent expression.

He stroked further up her leg and gently pinched her inner thigh. “Because I want you to feel dominated. Tonight, I’m your daddy and you’re my bad little girl.”

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About this boxed set

These daddies don’t ask for obedience. They demand it.

Daddy’s Demands is a collection of decadently dirty daddy dom romances from some of the hottest authors in the genre. This deliciously naughty box set includes twenty-five brand-new, stand-alone novellas featuring steaming hot, irresistibly sexy adventures with the baddest daddies imaginable. Good girls be warned: your obedience will be demanded on September 18th.

Featured authors: Madison Faye, Renee Rose, Loki Renard, Maggie Ryan, Zoe Blake, Alta Hensley, Lee Savino, J.L. Beck, Jane Henry, Isabella Laase, Kelly Dawson, Sara Fields, Kara Kelley, Measha Stone, Amelia Smarts, Mary Wehr, Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly, Morganna Williams, Katherine Deane, Alexis Alvarez, Shelly Douglas, Sassa Daniels, Marlee Wray, and Rory Reynolds

Publisher’s Note: The stories featured in this collection all contain hot, dirty sex, sometimes involving ménage or reverse harem themes. Some include spankings, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this box set.

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