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#SatSpanks: I will hold you after your punishment

Saturday Spankings

When thinking about which excerpt to use for Saturday Spankings this week, I decided I wanted to post something involving Carter, who is arguably my sweetest hero. However, as I was perusing the books he shows up in (all three in the Lone Star Love series), I was reminded that despite his mild nature, he’s still not a man to be tested. The following is an excerpt from The Unbraiding of Anna Brown, in which that is quite clear. Enjoy!

“Bend over the bed and lift up your skirt and petticoat.”

“Oh, Carter,” she cried. She moved her body into his and placed a hand on his chest. “Will you not even hold me in your lap while punishing me? Are you that angry with me?”

Carter remained as hard and immobile as a brick wall. “Yes, I am. Do as I say.” Seeing the injured look on her face, he added, “I will hold you plenty after your punishment, Anna, make no mistake about that.”

She backed away from him, turned, and bent over the bed. She arranged her skirt and petticoat over her back. Carter looked at her drawers and without a word pulled the tie that released the thin material from her backside as she buried her face into the thick quilt. Carter unbuckled his belt and drew it out from the loops of his pants. Anna’s head shot up at the noise. She looked back at him as he folded the belt in two.

“Please, Carter. Surely what I did wasn’t so grievous as to earn me a whipping.”

“It was, and I’ll be sure to explain why as you feel each kiss of my belt. Put your hands out in front of you, palms down on the bed.”


You can find the blurb and first chapter free on my blog here.

The Unbraiding of Anna Brown

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