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#SatSpanks: A spanking game

I’ve got a new book coming out next weekend! Please enjoy this “spanking game” teaser from it.

“The rules are simple. I’m going to ask you some questions, and you’re going to answer. For each lie, you get punished, but for each truth you get rewarded. Are you ready?”

She shifted again over his lap. “May I ask a question first?”

“Of course, darlin’.”

“I know what the punishment is, but… what’s the reward?”

“That’s a good question, baby.” He wrapped his hand around her thigh and gently pulled her leg to him, revealing her sex to his view.

A little more about the story:

Jude is a stagecoach driver used to encountering trouble in the form of bandits, treacherous roads, and poor weather during his journeys across half of the country. However, he’s never run into trouble quite like what he experiences with Callie Broderick, an orphaned teenager and mail-order bride who leaves her home in Saint Louis to travel to Sacramento, intent on meeting her future husband, a wealthy miner who pays for her journey west. Callie is a liar and a thief, with a dirty mouth and petulant disposition. Beneath all that, however, is a sweet girl who wants nothing more to be loved. Jude might just be the man to give her the discipline and love she needs.

Look for it August 20!

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