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Rendered by Susannah Shannon

renderedCass may be the cook, but Killian wields the wooden spoon.

Today I’ve got the always-witty Susannah Shannon, who invariably brings us books chock full of romance, humor, and steam. You’re not going to want to miss Rendered, the third book in The Cass Chronicles series, which can easily be read as a standalone. But really, why would you want to? All three books are hilarious and well worth buying. Cass reminds me of Bridget Jones in that she’s endearing and accident-prone. The difference is she gets her ass smacked by handsome hubby Killian on a regular basis.

About Rendered

Cass and her beloved Killian are in Chicago filming her new cooking show. Being the star of her own TV show does not keep Cass Harper-Nelson from being herself which means she flies by the seat of her (often rather toasty) pants. Her wit and down-to-earth manner has her making new friends and embracing a former enemy when she goes head to head with an adversary from her past.

How does a conflicted, feisty submissive embrace all that life has to offer while dueling with Men’s Rights Activists? Trust her loving husband to make sure the beloved cook learns what happens when you jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Friends from Slick Trench, Alaska, visit and a new venture is embraced. Rendered features all the love, heat, belly laughs and scrumptious recipes that are a feature of the Cass series.


“I am crazy.”

He grinned. “Little bit. But hear this,” he said, putting a finger under her chin. “You’re MY crazy. Mine. Bring me your laptop.”

She was irked by this. She wanted him to make a grand gesture—throw her over his lap and force her to surrender by setting her bottom on fire. She handed him her laptop like a sulking child. He did not appreciate this. He turned her and delivered one ferocious swat to her backside.

“Get in that corner. There’s no need for discussion at this point.”

She went. He was sexy, she’d give him that. Also an asshole, clueless and bossy. She could hear him working on the laptop. She leaned her forehead against the wall and felt sorry for herself. She wondered what he could be doing on it. She was imagining the lecture she had coming. She’d been a bitch, she’d accused him of being willing to walk away from their marriage, she’d accused him of oppressing her. The wall was cool on her skin—the wall of their apartment. Their apartment in Chicago. Where they were for her career. Where Killian had lovingly brought her. The sob caught in her throat. Her knees buckled and she caught herself with her hands on the wall. She wasn’t sure of the rules. Would she get in trouble for moving?

Killian’s hand was on her shoulder. She hoped he would gather her to him but he did not. He helped her sink to her knees. He helped support her as she bawled. He kept her in the corner.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I am just so confused and exhausted.”

“I know,” he said. “I’m going to help you. You stay here, you can sit if you want.” She shifted to Indian style, fairly certain that all the rule books she had read about would say they were doing it wrong. She nodded. She would do what he said.

“Now,” his voice was low. “I will always always always,” he rubbed her back as he said this, “be your husband. No matter what. We will figure out how to do what we need to do, for us. But…” There was always a “but” she thought ruefully—and it was always hers.

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About the Author

I live in the American midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny (well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.

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