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#SatSpanks: Don’t come between a wolf and his meal

Saturday SpankingsFor today’s Saturday Spankings snippet, I’m pulling an excerpt from my work-in-progress, Emma’s Surrender. My WIP has a super-alpha hero who knows exactly what he wants and what the heroine needs (even if she doesn’t know it herself). Enjoy!


Somehow, another moment of sanity intercepted her wild lust. She reached down, twined his thick blond hair into her fist and tore his face away from where it was buried between her legs. “You can’t do this!” she snarled at him.

His eyes narrowed into predatory stare, and he chuckled darkly. “I can, I will, and you should know better than to come between a wolf and his meal, pet.”

He drew himself up so that he stood towering over her. With a calloused hand, he grabbed an ankle, flipped her on her stomach, and spanked her ten times in measured hard splats across each cheek. She yelped at each swat but enjoyed the punishment so much that she pressed her bottom into his hand every time it fell. How completely he had mastered her, when even the pain he inflicted felt like pleasure.

His evil laugh filled the room. “Oh, you’re a naughty one, aren’t you?” he said as his palm crashed against her sensitive skin for the final time.

When she didn’t answer, he took hold of her braid and tugged her head up so that they were cheek to cheek. “Aren’t you?” he growled.

“Yes!” she gasped, her scalp and bottom tingling.

The stubble of his beard scraped her cheek lightly as he moved his lips to the shell of her ear. “Say it,” he said in a harsh whisper. “Say, ‘I’ve been a bad girl, trying to deny what I want to the man who can give it to me.’”

If you like ’em rough, you might enjoy reading Trapper Jack’s and naughty Nettie’s story in Claimed by the Mountain Man.

claimedbythemountainman_fullJack’s stern chastisement and bold mastery of her body leave Nettie begging for more, but is she truly ready to give up her freedom to be claimed by the mountain man?

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