Guest Authors

The Doll-Maker by Maren Smith

I like Christmas music. “I like it too,” Calder said, alternately smoothing and shaving and smoothing again as he carved delicate collarbones beneath her slender neck and rounded her shoulders. He gave her breasts definition, something he hadn’t bothered to do on any of his previous dolls. Because they were dolls, and in his mind… Continue reading The Doll-Maker by Maren Smith

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

His Christmas Baby by Katie Douglas

“C’mon, little bunny, let’s go home and have some Christmas dinner.” “Can’t we play out a little longer? Please?” Chloe begged. “All right. But no more hide and seek.” “That’s fine. TAG! You’re it!” She tapped his arm, shrieked with laughter, and tried to run away, but Bradley caught up with her easily. “Tag,” he… Continue reading His Christmas Baby by Katie Douglas

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Santa’s “Little” Helpers by Allysa Hart

All the lines of the deposition before me bled together as I stared at my notes. It was the same thing every day with a new client and a new case. The mundane pattern made work difficult, and I had long lost the fire and passion I used to feel for my cases. My clients… Continue reading Santa’s “Little” Helpers by Allysa Hart

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

A Naughty Little Christmas by Kelly Dawson

“My, my!” he exclaimed at a whisper, one eyebrow raised. “You are very wet, princess. What are we going to do with you, little girl?” She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as he slid one finger under the fabric covering her most intimate parts, and traced his finger upwards, to flick… Continue reading A Naughty Little Christmas by Kelly Dawson

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

All Work and No Play by Gracie Malling

“Not so fast, little girl!” I freeze, five stairs up, and then look back over my shoulder to see Will standing in the hallway glaring up at me. “What’s wrong?” I ask, trying my best to look innocent. “Back down here. Now.” He takes off his thick winter coat and hangs it up behind the… Continue reading All Work and No Play by Gracie Malling

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

Christmas with a Little Twist by Shelly Douglas

“Are you not happy with the type of attention I’m providing?” She rubbed her moist eyes with the back of her hand. “I probably just drank too much wine tonight.” “I’m sure that’s a possibility, but just to make sure, I think you need a good hard spankin’ to remind you how to behave.” Sliding… Continue reading Christmas with a Little Twist by Shelly Douglas

Contemporary Romance · Guest Authors

The Chalet by Delia Grace

“Mrs. Flores cleared her throat regaining her dominant presence. “But, that’s not really the topic at hand right now, is it, little girl?” I bit my lip. “I didn’t ask to be part of any of this conversation. I was just trying to figure out the best way to carry out your wishes and this… Continue reading The Chalet by Delia Grace