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Rewriting the Rules by Morganna Williams

17622003_812084748954045_1520376215069401694_oMorganna Williams joins my blog today with a spine-tingling excerpt from her latest release, Rewriting the Rules. Get your fan ready. She really turns up the heat!

About Rewriting the Rules

Ever since her last relationship ended in heartbreak, things have been going downhill for romance novelist Aurora Kane. Determined to revive Aurora’s career, her publisher Donovan Tate decides to take matters into his own hands.

Upon visiting Aurora at home and finding her wallowing in misery, Donovan makes it clear that he will be taking charge of her life, whether she likes it or not. When she tests his resolve, he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her hard and thoroughly, and she cannot help begging for more as Donovan brings her to a quivering, shameful climax after the punishment.

Donovan’s bold dominance and masterful lovemaking rekindle Aurora’s passion and inspire her writing in a way nothing else has before, but painful memories of the past still lurk in her mind. Can she dare to hope that this love story will have a happy ending?

Publisher’s Note: Rewriting the Rules contains spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Donovan grinned as he sat with her latest revisions on his lap. He was surprised smoke wasn’t rising from her head, she was so busy plotting against him. He’d known he’d need to start firm with her and give very little wiggle room. The reality was that she needed this… needed him, and she needed to come so badly he could smell her arousal from the corner.

He set the paperwork back down and rose to silently stand behind her, close enough that she could feel his body heat. As Donovan watched, her shoulders stiffened but she couldn’t hide the tell-tale shiver that coursed through her soft round body.

He ran one finger down the center of her back to the cleft between her ass cheeks, and a husky moan escaped her before she could cut it off; she was so wet he felt it the moment his hand reached her inner thigh. Thick and rich, it dripped down the inside of her legs. His mouth watered, he was so hungry for a taste, but unfortunately that wasn’t on the agenda today.

Donovan paused, his fingers just below the entrance to her body, waiting to see if she’d reject or invite his touch. Aurora gave a frustrated little mewling cry and moved her legs as far apart as the pants still down around her knees would allow.

It was all the invitation he needed; he moved forward and thrust two fingers inside her all the way to the hilt, practically lifting her on her toes. Her body was tight but gave ground easily then clamped down on his fingers like she could make him a part of her and never let him leave.

Donovan had to bite back a groan as the obvious need in her and the way she was squeezing his fingers pushed the animal in him to take her now in every way possible; the man in him tamped down the need. Aurora was the focus today—getting her used to being handled again and reminding her how good it could be to submit.

When he started rocking his fingers in and out of her in a demanding rhythm and ghosting his thumb across her clit, she came to life, arching her neck and crying out in pleasure as she rode his hand.

“Please! More… harder… I need it harder… oh, yes!” she cried, sounding almost tearful as he worked her closer and closer to climax. She leaned her head into the corner, bracing herself as she rode his hand.

His fingers pounded in and out of her hard and fast until she clamped down on him almost impossibly tight with a soft scream, then her needy core was milking his fingers hard as her body shuddered in release.

Donovan smiled as he played a small game of tug of war with her body as he pulled his fingers free; she was clamped down on him tightly like she didn’t want to let go. Scooping her from the corner, Donovan gathered her spent form close and sat down with her on his lap.

It was a testament to how strongly the spanking and climax had affected her that she just sat quietly with her face buried in his neck.

She’d come hard and she’d needed it worse than any woman he’d ever known.

Suddenly she stiffened and straightened on his lap, giving him a glare, now as prim as could be; well, as prim as a woman could be with her pants around her knees and her arousal still slicking his hand.

“How dare you take such liberties with my person,” she snapped.

Donovan grinned and lifted his still glistening hand to show her before he stuck his fingers in his mouth and licked every trace of her arousal from his fingers and hand.

Aurora made a squeaking noise in the back of her throat as she watched transfixed.

“You’re going to find I’ll dare a lot of things, little girl, best accustom yourself to that fact,” he told her firmly.

She sprang off his lap and pulled her pants up with another glare, groaning a little when they touched her well spanked ass. “I… you… well… you can’t… oh, just get out!” Aurora yelled before running from the room and taking off down the hall like the devil himself was on her heels.

Donovan chuckled as she fled. The devil was content to let her stew today, and tomorrow was another story. He couldn’t wait till she found out he’d rented the house next door.

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