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Cuffed by Measha Stone

cuffed“I can handle you just fine, Sydney. I’m just not sure you’re ready to be handled.”

Measha Stone is visiting my blog today, and she brought with her a spine-tingling BDSM scene! It’s from her new book, Cuffed, part of the popular Black Light series. Read further to learn a little more about this story containing hot sex and a dominant detective taking on a reluctant masochist. Yum!

About Cuffed

“Do you think you’re the only woman in this room that loves the pain?”

Sydney isn’t the kind of submissive to go around directing the doms she plays with. If they don’t know how hard she needs it, or how long to push her, she walks.  Voicing her desires isn’t even a possibility. As an assistant DA she’s used to asking questions, not answering them, even if it means she never quite gets the stress relief she craves.

After one night at Black Light where Sydney took everything he said the wrong way, Tate has been waiting for the feisty sub to walk back in the club. Detective Nathan Tate knows exactly what Sydney needs, exactly how far he could take her before she would find the sweet oblivion submissives seek beneath his flogger — but he’s not giving it to her until she asks for it.  He sees the fire burning inside her, and if she’ll let him he’ll do everything to show her how to let it burn wild.

Just one little problem. There’s a murderer in town, and it’s their job to make sure they get the right guy and put him behind bars. But when the case starts to hit a little too close to home, with danger closing in, can Tate and Sydney work side by side without losing each other in the fray?

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He folded his arms over his chest and widened his stance, not for one second easing up on the intense glare. “Tell me why you think when I tell you to take off your panties, you think it’s okay not to. Thong or not.”

She huffed a small laugh, suddenly very grateful she hadn’t taken off her bra yet. Standing up for oneself was easier to do when one was at least somewhat clothed.

“Well, you want to get to my ass, right? So, with a thong you can.”

He ran his tongue over his teeth beneath his closed lips, but didn’t speak.

“It’s just common sense.” She tried again.

His nostrils flared the tiniest bit when he grunted.

“You don’t need my thong off to spank my butt.” She tried to find a stance to mimic his, but everything she tried only made her feel smaller under his stare.

“One more try, then this turns more into discipline than fun for you.” His deep voice didn’t rise in volume, but her cheeks heated with the obvious chastisement.

“If this is supposed to be for fun, it’s not really working. Maybe I am too much for you.” Her defenses went up, and she moved to grab her skirt from next to the bench. She’d been stupid. This was so stupid.

“Are you crying red?” His voice shook her, so demanding and unyielding.


He moved so quickly she didn’t have a chance to step out of his way. His large hands were on her shoulders, his chest pressing up against her. She twisted enough to look up at him. His nose almost touching hers as he crouched down to hers. The darkness of his eyes startled her just enough to keep her quiet.

“I think we negotiated pretty well at the roulette game, but if there’s something you want to add to what I already know, now’s the time to tell me. And if you think I can’t handle your attitude, or you, I’ll have that misconception cleared up within the hour. But if you really want to walk out you’ll have to use your damn safeword. And bratting isn’t a safeword.”

She swallowed hard as her heart pounded out a Metallica melody in her chest. Words failed her. She’d dreamt for weeks of having his hands on her, his eyes boring into her with such intensity and there it was.

She gave a little shake of her head.

“Good. Now.” He released her and squatted down, hooking his thumbs into the thin straps of her thong and yanked it down to her ankles. “Step out,” he said. She barely realized her body was obeying him before it was done.

He stood back up, tucking the panties into his back pocket and snapped the shoulder strap of her bra. “Your tits are safe tonight, you can keep this on.”

She nodded again, wondering where the hell her tongue went.

“Now, you clean the bench, while I go to my cubby. I don’t think what I had originally planned is going to work.”

After he walked away, she went about doing what he’d ordered. He’d dropped the spray and towels on the bench, and she had cleaned it all down and put the spray back before he returned. And when he did, her ass clenched.

A fraternity paddle.

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About the Author

Measha Stone is an international bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, and suspense. She lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and children, who are just as creative and crazy as her. Her vanilla writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, but she’s found her passion in erotic romance. She writes it, she loves it, and whenever possible she lives it. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and spending time with her family. 

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