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#SatSpanks: A stern chastisement

Saturday SpankingsGood morning, merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. I’m delighted to share a snippet from my upcoming release, titled Emma’s Surrender, which will be released December 30. Enjoy!

“I feel I must warn you, this will be a very stern chastisement. If the stakes weren’t so high, I might go easier on you, but I want you to be reminded every time you sit down today of the best possible result of you disobeying me. Having a blistered seat is preferable to being dead. Yeah?”

She was becoming more terrified with every passing second. He continued to stroke her, his hand now firmly rubbing over where her bottom and thighs met, low and inches from her sex. His hand so was so large that when it lowered to her thighs, she felt the tips of his fingers curve around the edge of one leg as the ball of his hand massaged her other leg.

“You’re a good girl,” he said, and gave her a mild swat. It was loud, despite only imparting a slight sting, and she jumped with surprise. He swatted her other cheek with the same force. “But you’re also naïve and reckless, and you don’t know your place.” He spanked her again. “You’re a soft-hearted woman in a man’s harsh world, and you’re gonna end up dead if you don’t take my words seriously.”

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Guest Authors · Old West Romance

Under the Mistletoe by Tess Matthews

A missing bride and a determined husband. Tess Matthews joins my blog today with an excerpt from her sweet holiday romance Under the Mistletoe. This is a western domestic discipline story (my personal favorite) that is sure to bring some warmth to your holidays. About Under the Mistletoe If you are a girl and you… Continue reading Under the Mistletoe by Tess Matthews

Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: A spanking isn’t out of the question

large_3825_submissivesuffragette_500x755Good morning, and welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop. In my writing, I explore the feelings and thoughts behind the desire and need for spanking. The thing about domestic discipline and spanking is that the person subject to the discipline (usually the wife) doesn’t always know how to express what she needs, nor does she fully understand it herself in order to be able to communicate it effectively. In the scene below, I explore this conundrum. Carter has stopped disciplining Nalin because of her recent insistence that it’s not within a man’s right to discipline his wife, but how it makes her feel when he stops surprises them both. This scene is from my book The Submissive Suffragette, which takes place in the late-1800s when women’s rights were gaining ground. Hope you enjoy.

“I haven’t given you a child, Carter. I’m not a good wife. I haven’t fulfilled my most basic duty as a woman.”

Carter frowned at her. “Nalin, surely you don’t think you’re to blame for our misfortune in starting a family. I certainly don’t think you are.”

She looked past him out the window and spoke in a faraway voice, “I’ve failed at being a wife, and I’ve failed at being a suffragette. I’m a total failure.”

Carter’s temper flared. “Did you hear a word I just said?” he growled. “You haven’t failed at being a wife. Now failing as a suffragette, I wouldn’t know, but I doubt that too.”

Nalin gave her head a quick shake and focused her attention on him. “I heard what you said, Carter, but I don’t believe you. I have failed my duty as your wife. I know this because you said you’ve given up on me, and you won’t even spank me. You’ve always said it’s because you care that you punish me, so what am I to think when you don’t?”

Carter’s head was pounding. He rubbed his temples. “Well, Nalin, don’t think a spanking is out of the question, for one. The more of your nonsensical prattling I’m forced to endure, the more likely it becomes.”

Nalin’s eyes widened, and she looked at him with an expression that closely resembled hope. Carter’s consternation came to an end in that very moment, for she had unknowingly said more to him in that one look than in all her rantings about women’s rights. His wife had a strange new interest that didn’t make much sense to him, but he realized then that one thing was not new or complex, and that was the way she needed to feel his love. He suddenly understood what caused her tears that day.

Carter’s tone softened. “Come sit by me, Nalin love.”

This book is available for $2.99 at all the usual places, or you can read the first chapter on my blog.

The Submissive Suffragette (Lone Star Love Book 1)

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Guest Authors · Old West Romance

Her Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

The amazing Jane Henry joins my blog today with a hot excerpt from her latest release. I had the pleasure of beta reading this book, and you’re not going to want to miss it. In this dark western, the author handles the complexity of the hero’s character expertly. Cole is a true anti-hero but you find yourself liking… Continue reading Her Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

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Spanking: It’s supposed to hurt #SatSpanks

Saturday SpankingsGood morning, and welcome to the Saturday Spankings blog hop. I’ve got a snippet from my book Missy Meets the Marshal, about a woman who’s in trouble meeting the man who can help her. His help comes with an expectation of honesty, though, and of course Missy learns this the hard way.

Her distress didn’t move him. “You’re getting spanked for your blarney and lies, Missy. I want it to sting. You had several chances to avoid being punished, but you ignored every last one, didn’t you?”

She whimpered in response, and he landed more swats, this time again and again on the sensitive areas where her bottom curved into her thighs.

“Ow! Please! Please no more,” she cried. She hoped after each smack and before the next that it was the last of his chastisement, but he didn’t seem to be in any great hurry to settle his hand.

He spoke while spanking her. “I’ll tell you something, Missy. Listen carefully. I know this hurts, and it’s supposed to hurt, but it’s just a spanking and the sting doesn’t last. It’s the only way I’ll ever punish you. I’m the marshal of this town, but to you I’m Grover. I won’t use the law against you. You’re afraid of something like that, aren’t you? That’s why you don’t wish to be honest with me?” He landed several more stinging swats before pausing to hear her response.

missymarshall_anne_new3Buy Links
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Missy Meets the Marshal

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Old West Romance · Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: Christmas with Callie

Update: Get this story along with 12 others for a great deal on Amazon or Blushing Books.

Good morning! It’s time for Saturday Spankings, and what great timing because my little novella Christmas with Callie is now available. If you’ve read Corralling Callie, the characters will be familiar to you, since it’s a sequel, but the novella can easily be read as a standalone.

christmas-with-callie-bigAbout Christmas with Callie

Growing up a poor orphan without family or connections, Callie has always relied on telling tall tales to sound impressive and get herself out of scrapes. Now that she’s married to Jude, a loving but stern husband, she feels more secure and less inclined to brag and lie. Old habits die hard, however, and she finds herself unwilling to admit to her new husband that she can’t cook, even as Christmas approaches and people plan to join them for supper at their ranch.

Callie thinks she’s pulling a fast one on Jude. Every day she walks the mile to town, purchases two dinners to go from the restaurant, and returns home to lay out the meal before Jude returns home from the range. Every evening as they dine together, she explains in detail how she has cooked each item on the plate.

Jude is aware of his wife’s deception and hopes she’ll come clean instead of requiring discipline to correct her behavior but, after weeks of the cooking ruse, he determines that enough is enough and his bride is due a sound spanking. Just when it seems that all has been set straight, an enemy from their journey west makes a second appearance in their lives, accusing Callie of theft. She vehemently denies her involvement. Will Jude be able to protect Callie from getting in trouble with the law, considering the mounting evidence against her? And will Callie learn how to cook in time to make Christmas with Callie a success?

Note: This story is a standalone sequel to Corralling Callie containing sexual scenes and domestic discipline in the form of spankings.


“Did I say you could turn your head?” he asked.

She faced the wall again. “You didn’t say I couldn’t,” she mumbled defiantly.

He sighed and walked toward her. Once he reached her, he peppered her bottom with stinging smacks with the spoon, which caused her to yelp and buck against the corner. She hadn’t expected the swats to feel so sharp and painful right away, but the wet spoon packed a stinging wallop.

“Running your sassy mouth isn’t going to help you, young lady. You’re being disciplined, and I expect respectful responses. Is that clear?” He landed a final hard swat that made her dance from one foot to the other.

“Yes!” she cried.

“Yes, what?”

She let out a breath, puffing up the hair on her forehead. “Yes, sir.” She wanted to turn around and stick her tongue out at him, but she wisely refrained.

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#SatSpanks: She reached back to clutch her bottom

Saturday SpankingsIt’s time for Saturday Spankings! I’ve got a great snippet for you, if I do say so myself. This excerpt is from Christmas with Callie, which will be released as part of Blushing Books’ 12 Days of Christmas anthology. I first wrote about Jude and Callie in Corralling Callie, and they are two of my favorites as far as characters go. So, without further ado, here is a little of what you can expect from these two when their story is released in December:

“Go to the room, remove all your clothes, and stand with your nose to the corner. You’re about to get the spanking of your life.”

She reached back to clutch her bottom, which already stung from Jude’s impromptu swats. She looked at him with wide eyes. “All of my clothes? You want me to take off everything?”

He placed his hands on his hips. “Did I stutter?”

“No,” she said in a small voice.

He raised an eyebrow as she continued to stand in place. She was very reluctant to set in motion the punishment, which she knew was going to be terrible, judging by how serious Jude looked.

“I’m going to count until you get to the room, and that’s going to be the number of licks with my belt you’ll be getting after the rest of your spanking is finished. He began counting at a quick beat. “One, two, three…”

corrallingcallie_fullAny guesses as to how high Jude counted before Callie obeyed?

If you don’t want to wait until December to read about these two, on you can read the first chapter of Corralling Callie on my blog.

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#SatSpanks: A man’s firm care

Hello, and thanks for visiting my contribution to the Saturday Spankings blog hop. Today I’ve got short excerpts from two of my books. Both of these recently became free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, so I wanted to provide a little snippet from both. There’s a common theme between these snippets. In both, the hero is making very clear to the heroine the reason for the spanking, which is because he cares (awww). Enjoy!


Fetching Charlotte Rose
Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2fSCJN0

The next three slaps fell briskly. His large hand covered both cheeks at once, landing low on her bottom and in the same place, and Charlotte yelped and felt her eyes fill with tears. She had never felt so small and helpless, nor had she felt so much of a man’s focused attention, as she did at that moment over Max’s lap.

“Halfway done,” he murmured, rubbing her bottom in circles, relieving some of the sting. She sniffled, and his hand stopped rubbing when he heard her.

“This is mild discipline, Charlotte, only a few swats to get your attention and let you know I mean business, and it sounds like you’re crying. It’s not really that bad, is it?”

“N-no, I guess not. But I’ve never been spanked.”

He resumed rubbing. “I didn’t think so. A man’s firm care is new to you. This is one of the less pleasant aspects of it, but I think you’ll find it preferable to someone not caring enough to do it.”


His Little Red Lily
Buy Link: http://amzn.to/2eBxIfj

“Spankings hurt, as you know. You’ll want to avoid earning them in the future.”

“Yes, Jesse, I know. I won’t disobey you again. I’m glad you’re punishing me instead of giving up on me. You make me feel important.”

“That’s because you are important,” he responded, sounding exasperated. His hand rested on her drawer-clad bottom. He pressed his other hand against her hip and drew her in close to his body. He rubbed her bottom in circles, and his touch felt very good before he landed two hard swats, one on each cheek. “You’ll never feel unimportant with me if I can help it. I’ll work to show you every day how important you are. Even by punishing you, I’m showing it. I wouldn’t be able to bear it if something happened to you, so I’ll spank you if it means that next time you’ll reconsider doing something foolish.” He swatted her bottom several times to make his point.

Lily felt tears coming to her eyes, not from the heat of the spanking, but from the warm feelings flooding her heart. “All right, Jesse.” She sniffled. “No one’s ever cared about me so much. I’m not used to it.”

“You’ll get used to it, Lily. You’ll get used to me caring, and you’ll get used to obeying, hopefully very soon to avoid spending time like this over my knee.”

I’ve got a bunch of other excerpts on my blog from these to books. To read more from Fetching Charlotte Rose, click here, here, and here. To read more from His Little Red Lily, click here, here, and here.

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Guest Authors

The Viking’s Conquest by Felicity Brandon

Kidnapped, captured, and captivated, but who is conquering who? I’m thrilled to have the amazing Golden Flogger finalist Felicity Brandon back on my blog. Felicity is a writer of the salacious, erotic, and romantic, and her books are full of delicious BDSM, spanking, and submission. Her latest book, The Viking’s Conquest, is flying up the Amazon charts, and you’ll see… Continue reading The Viking’s Conquest by Felicity Brandon

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#SatSpanks: Your job is to obey, not talk

Saturday SpankingsHello and welcome to my contribution to Saturday Spankings. Below is an exchange between Nathan and Emma, the characters in my WIP, Emma’s Surrender. They are just getting to know each other here, and it’s not the pleasantest of acquaintances.1-he-touched-her-lips

“Not another word, Brookstone. Your job is to obey, not talk. You’ve been captured by a dangerous man, and when that happens, you do what the dangerous man tells you without argument, understand?”

She blinked at him, befuddled and nearly at a loss for words. “I’ll try to remember that the next time I’m kidnapped by a… a mean son of a gun!” she said, her voice rising. She held her breath as fear washed over her. She didn’t know much about being kidnapped, but she knew it was likely unwise to insult her kidnapper. She nearly couldn’t help herself, though. The way he was instructing her and taking care of her seemed preposterous, considering that he had ruined her life.

He shook his head and released her chin. He again pointed at the spot where she was to sit. As she obeyed, he muttered, “Son of a gun. That’s the best she’s got.”

If she didn’t know better, she would think it was regret in his voice, or a softening toward her. She decided that was not the case, however, for after she’d gotten herself situated on the cold ground, he focused a withering look on her. “Don’t move from there, else I’ll tan your hide.”


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